Monday, May 25, 2009

TF2 News Week in Review

It has been a really busy week in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen news so figured do a quick link fest for any stories people might have missed.

Trailers and TV Spots
Trailer #3 Bootleg - New trailer that is largely the second one with new scenes
TV Spots #2-4 in HD - Three news spots, all released on same day.
TV Spot #5 - New commercial that aired, includes longer look at Ravage

TF2 Info
Devastator Info - Article that confirms seven Constructicons and little info on complexity of creating him.
Twins Headshots - A look at Skids and Mudflaps heads in CGI
CGI Scrapper - A look at Scrapper and moment seen in the trailers
Ducati and Arcee - Article about Ducati cycles participating in movie and that Arcee is a combiner.
Michael Bay Profile - Article on Bay and his career with focus on Transformers 2
No Trilogy Plans - Interview with TF2 writers Orci and Kurtzman
"Spongebob" Joins Cast - Another Bay-centric article that reveals Tom Kenny joins voice cast, possibily as the Twins.
Tony Todd Cast - News that the actor will lend his voice to the movie, role unknown.

Posters and Images
IMAX Poster - Look at the new poster for the IMAX release of the movie.
LA Building Covered - Picture of an LA building covered in a large Optimus Prime poster
Tickets Pre-order - Heads-up that pre-order for RoTF tickets starts June 10th.
New Movie Stills - New images from the movie, mostly focused on the human cast and cars.
TF on Luxor - Update of the giantic Optimus poster on the Luxor in Las Vegas.
CGI Sideways and Stills - New images of the CGI model for Sideways and additional movie images.
Isabel Lucas and other Stills - Even more images, first look at Isabel Lucas as Alice.

Toy News
Supreme Devastator in Packaging - Pictures of the $100 toy.
Leader Jetfire Reviews - Video review of Jetfire and Jetfire combined with Optimus Prime
Voyager Long Haul Review - Video review of the Constructicon.
Voyager Long Haul in Packaging - Pictures and bio of the toy.
Voyager Grindor in Packaging - Pictures of the Blackout repaint.
Human Alliance #3 Toy - News that the Sideways with Epps is third alliance toy.

Video Games
Amazon Pre-order Bonus - Preview of the G1 Ironhide skin that is available from the site.
Neil Kaplan Cast - Voice actor for Long Haul and Protectobot in the game.

Soundtrack Special Edition - Amazing is offering a special edition but no details
Tyrese, Jewel Duet Update - Sample of the new song that might be on Soundtrack, written by Babyface.
New Divide Premiere - Linkin Parks' single from the soundtrack released.

UK, Japan Release Dates Moved - Info that Japan and United Kingdom getting the movie almost a week earlier
"Bumblebee" Camaro Pre-Order - News that GM is producing a Bumblebee special edition of the Camaro
Prequel Issue #2 Preview - Five pages of the comic coming out on Wednesday
Viral Marketing Campaign - Info on three new sites related to the movie.
Movie Universe Preview - Few images of the upcoming book related to the movie.


  1. Am I first?? yay!!

  2. Is Arcee a Combiner?? WTF?

  3. ^^^^
    Apparently yes however noone knows for sure because there are three bike bots and one of there names is Arcee so we dont know and probably wont know for sure until the film.

  4. Anti Scorpio5/25/2009 4:09 AM

    just fuckin shut up Scorpio... you know nothing.

  5. oh here we go again, and btw scorpio knows alot more than you antiscorpio and your probably just jealous cus noone pays attention to you.

    i think arcee could be a combiner and i hope she is. it would explain why they're all skinny unicycles i spose.

  6. btw blog owner and blog readers here is some news about the next human alliance toy skids and mikaela

    (for some reason copy/paste isnt working so im going to have to hand type the link ><)

  7. here is confirmation of the next human alliance toy

  8. That's a lot of stuff for one week!
    Now all I need is Trailer 3 and TV spot 5 in HD and I'll be happy!

  9. Apparetly Toysrus are revealing a Secret Action toy on the 30th may. No idea who it could be but it might be a good thing to check out.

    Heres the quote:
    "Toys "R" Us will have even more great Transfomers™ 2 toys to buy in the coming weeks and months including the mighty Devastator - so remember to keep checking back from time to time. A secret action toy will be released to pre-order on 30th May 2009"

    Thanks for clearing up comments :)

  10. therealeffingdeal5/25/2009 3:14 PM

    i work at a toys r us and i saw the inventory sheet

    arcee supreme combiner

    same category as devastator

    it said pic available may 28 so this must be huge

  11. toys r us UK?
    the UK is like the bastard stepchild to the US. anything new they get will be remained of whats not sold in the US.

  12. thx for link dino

  13. awsome, thanks for nice info...and link


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