Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fox Quit Over Weight?

Hollywood Gossip site Showbiz Spy is reporting that Megan Fox quit Transformers 3 because Michael Bay told her she looked "unhealthy" and ordered her to gain weight.
“Megan stormed out after a huge row with Michael Bay,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.“He thinks she has lost too much weight and looks too frail. He wanted her to put on some weight and it all kicked off. The crew don’t think she looks well, let alone the wholesome, curvy star they cast in the first film. She’s going for this gaunt, pale image and it just looks unhealthy."
If this story sounds familiar, Megan Fox admitted that she was required by Michael Bay to gain weight for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen saying at the time, “I should have toned up for 'Transformers' but I’m really lazy. I had to put on weight. I’d lost a lot of weight and got really scrawny, but I was told I had to put on size for 'Transformers' because Michael [Bay, the director] doesn’t like skinny girls."

No telling if this is true or false. I am leaning to false as just doesn't seem big enough reason. However, we do know she was on set (example image above) at least for a day or two and suddenly she was off the film so despite speculation the cause was not comments from last year (which probably didn't help) but something that occurred in just the last week.


  1. Michael Bay fired her for losing too much weight? Whatever the reason Spielberg should fire Michael Bay and his crew for this mess.
    Michael Bay has just done the worst thing any director could do: he killed his franchise golden goose.
    If he didn't want Megan Fox to play a key role on Transformers but just be eye candy to fire her at anytime with no consequences then he should have not cast her as Mikaela Banes.
    If Michael Bay doesn't get Megan Fox back in the movie NOW then Transformers3 is going to suck despite all the effort and money put and spent on better ILM CGI, better action scenes, darker tone.
    We know that Hasbro doesn't let Bay and Spielberg to go R-Rated with the Transformers franchise.. so even having Mikaela Banes dead in Transformers3 is not going to work because they can't go all horror and splatter with it and it would just feel wrong and dumb.
    Recasting the role it's the worst thing to do, like thinking that your paying customers/viewers/general public wouldn't notice.. making a fool of your customers it's a very stupid thing to do and only James Cameron is really able to achieve that as Avatar proved.
    A new love interest for Sam is going to look dumb and badly written soap opera style as well.
    No serious director business man would fire his lead female actress playing the most important female role in the franchise when filming for the third ending chapter has started.
    Investors should now stop production and fire Michael Bay.

  2. She doesn't look too frail!! I think she looks great in the picture. When she was on set she looks GREAT.

  3. And sorry for my english :)

  4. I wouldn't trust a source from The Sun, half the stuff they write in their paper is just rumour and fake stuff. Half the celebrity pictures they have in their used for "celebrity was drunk" are just them making a funny face.

  5. Martinus Prime5/22/2010 7:08 AM

    We'll have to wait a while yo see what's true.

    But @anon 5/22/2010 5:29 AM:
    Are you Megans's stalker or what???
    You dumb ass!!! Bay didn't fire Fox, according The Sun, Fox walked out on Bay, she ran out his office. he only said to put on wait. And I agree, she has to be more curvy.
    Wtf anon, Transformers is NOT about Mikaela Banes, it's about TRANSFORMERS!!!

  6. @"But @anon 5/22/2010 5:29 AM"---Yeah, and pinky cows with wings fly around the world all the time.. yep.. Grow up and stop trusting fairy tales.
    Whatever the reason why Megan Fox is not in the movie anymore it's going to be a financial disaster. Even if Transformers3 gets hit by "just" a loss of $100million thanks to this it's going to underperform and do worse than the first two movies.
    Mikaela Banes is a key character and only Megan Fox can play it.
    The general public is not going to like it.
    Only a fool would think that it will get unnoticed



  8. Well you lost the general public....
    i went to see TF 2 at the cinema,to see labeouf& fox..i loved sam& FUCK.

  9. i really loved Sam and Mikaela too :(

    Megan Back!!!!!

  10. ok bay bring megan back!

    we don't want a victoria secret model...

    we will see want?sam getting a new chick?and being more stupid???

  11. what..sorry...

  12. Last time I checked, the name of the movie is Transformers. Quite honestly, why not a new love about Carly? Also, I for one will not miss her and let's leave Sam alone. I think he can go a little more gun ho without a girl around.


  14. sam is spike...and mikaela.(was).carly...

  15. maybe they kill her off. make Sam go all balls to the wall in his desire to destroy the decepticons!


    everybody who is a megan fan please join our group to support her. thanks!!!

  17. join our fb group
    i refuse to see transformers 3 because of no megan! we need alot of memebers to take a stand!!

  18. she does look unhealy and it looks gross

  19. Last time I checked, the movie was about giant alien robots from outer space. Then again, as a female Transformers fan, I'm not exactly the target audience for Megan Fox's presence in the movies. She's gone, going to be replaced, doesn't matter if she was fired or walked out on her own. It sucks, but it's he way it's going to be.

  20. haha I think its really funny that people actually think that everybody loves Megan Fox like me the Hispanic and African American viewers are not going to care about her being gone and thats where the bulk of the U.S. money will come from (and almost everyone I know doesn't even know her by name so she is just that girl from Transformers to them)..this movie will certainly do better at the box office than the last two because it is so much hype going on about it wether it be negative or not hype is hype and it will draw more people into the theaters regardless...Megan Foxx character is not important at all thats why she is being replaced the only true important characters is Sam, Optimus, and BumbleBee...everyone else is replaceable...and please stop saying this movie won't make money you sound really retarded and nobody with a brain is going to take you serious...regardless if it sucks or not it is still going to make the most money because of action and effects alone...and its Transformers people thats enough said right there..

  21. i liked sam and mikaela...

    i felt that sam was spike and she,carly.

    new love?Nooo.
    let sam single...

  22. 'trust me the Hispanic and African American viewers are not going to care about her being gone and thats '




  23. Anonymous said...
    "she does look unhealy and it looks gross"

    she looks more normal to be sam's girlfrind but bay wanted some thing different...!!!

  24. Yes, we prefer Megan!!

    I don't want a "new love" for Sam!!!

  25. You guys are just retarded, mikela banes is not important to transformers. If you like love stories go watch avatar.

  26. Sorry I go to see giant robots, not skanky actresses, if you can even consider her one.

  27. well i think, we will just be surprised if Megan comes out in transformers 3..

  28. @"Anonymous 5/22/2010 8:02 PM"--You and others here and in other forums really seem to be desperate Paramount employees paid to do damage control and spin the Mikaela-not-important-factor which is just untrue and a big lie.
    Then comparing to Avatar? Yes, Avatar is garbage but I bet Spielberg and Bay would kill to reach such a huge boxoffice gross on Transformers3 as that of Avatar.. which won't happen now whatever they do because Mikaela Banes is key to the storyline and only Megan Fox can play the character.
    Script rewriting and firing your lead female character when you have just started principal photography it's the most retarded thing any director could do. Michael Bay screwed it up completely and it's sad to see that Steven Spielberg is allowing this mess to happen.
    Transformers3 will be lucky to reach $400-500million worldwide boxoffice gross, it could do worse than IronMan2 which won't be enough to Hasbro after the huge success of the first two movies.
    You can't break the main couple soulmates you based the first two movies on and then destroy everything all of a sudden for whatever reason.
    Unless Megan Fox put a knife on Michael Bay throat and tried to kill him his actions are that of a little kid and not a professional experienced director.

  29. giving a new love for sam will slow the story.....

    and i want mikaela back

  30. Are you serious? For 2 and a half years most of you complained about the human element being too big a part of the movies. When Megan Fox was critical of TROTF everyone called her a stupid. When Megan Fox compared Bay to Hitler nearly everyone on this and other Transformers blogs wanted her fired. Now that she's gone you want her back and you say the movie will stink without her. Grow up.
    Lets assume the above story is true. The director ordered her to show up looking ther way she did for the first two movies; tan and curvy. Instead she shows up pasty pale and skinny. She refuses to do as instructed and quits when confronted about it. Bay responds by terminating her contract and ordering her part be re-written. Tell me what part of this is Bay's fault. I
    suspect she wanted to be cut loose from Transformers 3 and this was her way to get out. There's been no official indication that principal photography has started, likely this is pre-vis and 2nd unit work going on so there's plenty of time to prep the script to accomodate the changes.
    Ultimately I doubt the loss of Megan fox/Mikela will determine whether this movie is any good or not.

  31. @Ray: 1) The lack of Mikaela Banes is going to destroy the franchise, characters and plot will be completely devastated. The character of Sam Witwicky has no meaning to exist anymore without Mikaela. They are soulmates, the first two movies spent too much time on that element and changing it now it's just going to feel wrong.
    2) Unless Megan Fox tried to kill Michael Bay he is completely at fault and his actions can't be justified. He is or at least he is supposed to be an experienced director and executive producer of the franchise, if he can't even deal with a young naive actress that HE wanted and HE created and HE promoted on the franchise and HE gave her the key role of Mikaela Banes well then Michael Bay deserves to get fired from the franchise. He lost any respect with this disgusting situation. Only a newbie director might be allowed to do such a huge mistake. It's even worse seeing that Steven Spielberg is not acting against Michael Bay decision to fix this mess up before it's too late.

  32. ray....also shia labeouf said about TF 2 THAT WAS SIMPLY CRAP

  33. Easy, folks. It's more civilized even at a troll-festival than these comments.

    Like it or not, for now we'll have to accept Fox is gone. It does feel strange to me now, but I'm not really caring.

    Let's not drag this into a long war over Bay's direction, Megan's career, etc. Comments'll be disabled by the Blog Manager, no doubt if this keeps up.

    On another note, Fox does look a bit frail in this pic. Could use some more curves on her, and some meat on her bones...

  34. Good riddance. There's always a hotter girl... and in this case there could easily be a BETTER actress to replace her. Hopefully the script will accommodate this. MF fanbois get bent, she's probably a narcissist biotch that MB was tired of. She received a huge blessing from being in the first two films, and if she can't tow the line to make a few million more dollars it's really her loss. I for one won't be missing her...that much

  35. this is how the script will got

    Ron witwicky "HA!, I told u Mikaela and you wouldnt last..."

    Sam " yeah wateva, I' told you i like mind with more meat on em...
    eye candy walks by in parking lot, fling her hair, sam's mouth open wide, bumblebee plays some kinda sexy song..." she winks as sam cause of his cool ride...sam dig it out in the back seat...haha

    eye candy: "What happened to ur last gf"

    SAm " she was obsessed with Hitler"

  36. Question for all the Megan Fox fanboys: how come if Megan Fox is so important for a movie to be a hit, her past movies have seriously sucked big time and sucked in the box office??? where are the 900+ million dollars for Jennifer's body? and i bet her next movie is going to sunk big time

  37. what are you guys talking about??? all you guys care is for watching a hot curvy actress in the teathers... but if they put Megan Fox in there all you are going to get is a pale skinny not too hot has been that cant even act. you guys seem to be Megan's managers or PR people. i for one have seriously enjoyed this movies and not because of the "love story" in it, but because of the but kicking awesome robots in it. I would only get POed if Peter Cullen's part was fired. No one else can do Optimus Prime except for him.

  38. A month before shooting, cast and crew have to show up to get their physical and get a clean bill for insurance purposes. When Megan showed up she was bordering on 100 lbs, looked pale and had recent plastic surgery/Botox.

    When Bay saw this he got very concerned. Through the span of a month Bay decided to give Megan time to get healthier and put on some pounds. She said "no problem".

    Flash forward a month. A week or so before the movie was set to start shooting, Megan showed up at a test shoot and later at Bay's office looking the same or worse than a month ago. She had done nothing. The crew stared in disbelief. This girl looks nothing like she did in the first two Transformer films, everyone thought.

    It was then Bay and company went into DEFCON 1.

    All this time she had been stalling and probably thought she would have it her way and just corner Bay and Spielberg into forcing them to accept her just as she was.

    Its a week before we start shooting, do they think they can replace me at the last minute, she must've thought.

    After an hour or so of pleading and wanting to work with her with her, Bay and Fox had a tough exchange of words. Nothing that was so different from their previous exchanges they've had on set.

    It was then Megan decided to bluff. Bay called on her bluff and told her that if being put into the position she was putting him, he would replace her. She thought he was counter-bluffing and then told Bay that she quit and yelled as she left his office "You'll call me before sun down."

    The call never came.

    This is probably the only time in Hollywood that some was not part of a project due to being under-weight.

  39. Apparently you people talking about Transformers is going to lose money because megan fox is not going to be in the movie now are either moron's or have no idea what your talking about. Let's see you put all the screen time each character had in that movie and she didn't have much of it. Yeah that was movie one but people need to realize these movies have to go back to the original transformers series where there was no mikela it was Sam. Apparently true Transformers fans would know that. She did not make transformers what it was the robots did. And if they do bring in a new girl she will obviously be hotter than fox so maybe you all need to stop kissing her a$$ and think this movie is going to do well without her no matter how butt hurt some of you get about her leaving. The Transformers 3 movie will be even bigger and better and if you don't go see it because she is not there thats your problem. Stop stalking her and get over it she is gone its over move on!

  40. A pic of Megan Fox in the set of TF3


  41. In her latest bikini pics she has more tone in her abs than Brian Austen Green. Looks to me she hit the gym a bit too hard. That can be a deal breaker, with Mikaela being a girl next door type that we all came to know in the first two films.

  42. mike, your a fucking dumbass, go back to commenting on how much you love dick up your ass!!!


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