Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trailbreaker Fan Made Concept Art

From Jolin and Jester, the team that brought you the Jetfire concept art, comes the below Transfan made concept art of Trailbreaker. His vehicle mode is a Chevy Tahoe Offroad Edition. Whether or not Trailbreaker is going to be in TF2 is unknown but this piece of work makes a good argument for his inclusion.


  1. The guy who does these is amazing

  2. I bet the guy doesn't really exist with that name. It's just a nick behind which there are ILM and Digital Domain artists "leaking" some preliminary concept arts to know what a part of the general public thinks. It's a common way to do unofficial public beta-testing of products.

  3. ^^^^
    I don't think any professional concept artist at ILM would use that cheap filter on the alt mode.

    Besides i've seen the dude who does these things...hes definately not working on the movie.

  4. Well, I still seem to be the only one who believes Trailbreaker should be a junky, early 90's Pathfinder.

    Stuff like this makes me glad others think otherwise. :D

  5. interesting.....but waaay too much clutter

  6. Well, he looks like a TRAILBREAKER to me!!!

    Now do one of an Autobot Car (like Sunstreaker or Sideswipe) and we can call it a day! Amazing work!

    PS: Where is that Soundwave Concept Art one too???

  7. Remember all these robots looked crazy until we saw them on screen? :)


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