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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Cheat Sheet

In an attempt to keep up with the information about Transformers 2, it seems a cheat sheet is needed. I have tagged items as "rumor" if information has not been verified for various reasons such as the name, the appearance, the alt mode, etc. If I miss anything be sure to note it in the comments or email me as I intend to update with any new information and spoilers about the film. The below is ultimately speculation until someone officially with the film confirms the information but part of the fun of tracking a movie like this is the speculation.

Official Title: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Production Start Date: June 2nd, 2008
Production Shoot Length: 84 days
Budget: $194 million
Marketing Budget: $100 million
Runtime: 147 minutes (IMAX 149 minutes)
Rating: PG-13
Release Date by Country: click here
Superbowl Commercial - February 1st, 2009
1st Theatrical Trailer - February 13th, 2009
ShoWest Montage - April 18, 2009
2nd Theatrical Trailer - April 30th, 2009
DVD Release Date - October 20th, 2009

Director: Michael Bay
Producers: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce and others
Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and others
Writers: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Ehren Kruger
Visual Effects Companies: ILM, Digital Domain

Story: When the story begins, the Autobots and the military have been waging a secret war against the Decepticons. As more of the giant robots continue to resurface, though, it becomes apparent the Transformers have been part of Earth's history for longer than they'd led mankind to believe. One group of bureaucrats even wonders if the Decepticons are only appearing because of the Autobot presence. Desperate not to leave Earth undefended, Optimus Prime turns to Sam and asks him to become a human advocate, someone who will convince mankind that the Autobots should be allowed to stay. Sam refuses to believe he can help, though, wanting to go to college and live a normal life - as normal as possible with the strange thoughts and visions that have haunted him since being exposed to the All Spark's primal energies two years earlier. Alas, Sam's refusal will have harsh consequences for himself, the Autobots and possibly the entire world. The Decepticons fallen leader, Megatron has been resurrected and brings with him an ancient evil from the Transformers own history.
Splinter - remaining piece from the AllSpark
Matrix of Leadership - essentially a battery for a device to rebuild the AllSpark, has healing capabilities.
Total Transformers: 42

Principle Cast:
Shia LaBeouf - Sam Witwicky
Megan Fox - Mikaela Banes
Josh Duhamel - Major Lennox
John Turturro - Agent Simmons
Ramon Rodriguez - Leo Spitz
Tyrese Gibson - Master Sergeant Epps
Matthew Marsden - SAS Captain Graham
Isabel Lucas - Alice

Supporting Cast:
Kevin Dunn - Ron Witwicky
Julie White - Judy Witwicky
Rainn Wilson - College Professor Colon (pronounced "koh-lawn")
Glenn Morshower - General Morshower
John Benjamin Hickey - Galloway

Transformer Voices:
Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime -
Hugo Weaving - Megatron -
Tony Todd - The Fallen -
Mark Ryan - Bumblebee, Jetfire -
Robert Foxworth - Ratchet -
Jess Harnell - Ironhide -
Charles Adler - Starscream -
Frank Welker - Soundwave, Devastator, Reedman -
Grey DeLisle - Arcee -
Tom Kenny - Skids, Wheelie -
Reno Wilson - Mudflap -
John DiCrosta - The Doctor (Scalpel) -
Andre Sogliuzzo - Sideswipe -
Michael York - ancient Prime #1
Kevin Michael Richardson - ancient Prime #2, Skipjack
Robin Atkin Downes - ancient Prime #3
Wheelbot (Demolisher) - Calvin Wimmer

Transformers Cast - Alt Mode:
Optimus Prime - blue, dark red Peterbilt 379EX
Bumblebee - yellow 2010 Chevy Camaro
Ratchet - lime yellow 2009 Hummer H3
Ironhide - black 2007 GMC Topkick C4500
Sideswipe - 2011 Chevy Corvette Centennial
Jetfire - black SR-71 Blackbird, ex-Decepticon that can combine with Optimus
Skids - green 2010 Chevy Spark, half of ice cream truck (twin to Mudflap)
Mudflap - red 2010 Chevy Trax, half of ice cream truck (twin to Skids)
Jolt - blue 2010 Chevy Volt
Wheelie - blue Toy Size RC Truck
Arcee - three blue (Chromia), purple (Flare-up), red (Arcee) Ducati Hypermotards custom modified by RetroSBK with one personality among the three.

The Fallen - Cybertronian jet
Megatron - Cybertronian tank and jet
Starscream - gray F-22 Raptor
Bonecrusher - truck (specifics unknown)
Scorponok - metallic scorpion
Sideways - dark gray Audi R8
Soundwave - a satellite and Cybertronian jet
Ravage - raw beast mode
Scalpel ("The Doctor") - microscope
Alice - Pretender human shell
Grindor - MH-53 Pave Low Helicopter (Blackout repaint)
Kichen Bots - about 8 appliances that turn into robots (clock, toaster, microwave, disposal, blender, vacuum)
Insecticons - tiny spies for Soundwave
Devastator - merge of 6 or 7 construction equipment (information conflicts)
Constructicons - Below characters that do NOT form Devastator but share many of the alt modes of the vehicles used for that gestault.
     Demolishor - red O&K/Terex RH400 Hydrolic Mining Excavator
     Overload - Komatsu HD465-7 Articulated Dump Truck (upper body, alt mode unverified)
     Scrapper - yellow Caterpillar 992G Front Loader (right arm)
     Long Haul - green Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck (right leg)
     Mixmaster - silver Mack Cement Mixer and weapons platform (head)
     Rampage - red Caterpillar D9L Bulldozer (left leg)

Shooting Locations:
June 2-5 Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) as Shanghai, China
June 6-7 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Chantilly, VA) as same
June 9 - 21 Philadelphia, PA
     June 9 Cappucelli's Meats, Italian Market South Philly
     June 10-11 Laurel Hill Cemetery
     June 11-12 University of Pennsylvania, Quad
     June 12-14 University of Pennsylvania, Psi Upsilon (Castle) Fraternity as Princeton
     June 13 East River Drive
     June 14, 18 Richmond Power Plant
     June 14 Free Library on Ben Franklin Parkway
     June 18 Front Street
     June 13, 17, 20-21 Eastern State Penitentiary
     June 18-19 Philadelphia City Hall as Ecole Militaire in Paris, France
June 22-25 Princeton University, NJ
San Pedro, CA - dates, locations unknown
Sedona, AZ - dates, locations unknown
August 26-27 - Long Beach, CA Queensway Bridge
September 12-October 6 - Holloman Airforce Base and White Sands Missile Range (Alamogordo, NM) as Egypt
October 7 - Tucson International Airport (Tucson, AZ)
October 8-? - The Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (Tucson, AZ)
October 9 - Naval Base Coronado (Coronado, CA)
October 17 - Valley of the Kings, Egypt
October ?-? - Petra, Wadi Rum Valley, Salt (Jordan)

Rumors and Information
Ugo Movie Blog - A nice, concise summary of all the information both real and rumored about Transformers 2. Currently up to date as of 11/16/08.

Box Office
Screens: approximately 10,000
Theatre locations: 4,234
Midnight Opening Gross: $16 million
3-Day Weekend US Total: $109 million
5-Day US Total: $200.1 million
5-Day International Total: $166.1 million
Worldwide First Week total: $390.4 million

*Arcee's alt mode biggest source of confusion right now. For Transformers 1 her alt mode was a 2006 Buell Firebolt XB1LR. However, script re-writes along with her tiny size (about 9 feet tall) resulted her in being moved to the second movie. Size may no longer be an issue with Frenzy being a proof of concept. Or her size could be augmented with the merging of multiple vehicles. Current contenders for her alt mode include 3 Can-Am Spyders or 2 Trikes seen at the Bethlehem set. However, they could also be NEST vehicles. One report said a purple, pink, blue custom made motorcycle has been seen but that remains unconfirmed.
6/10 - Removed Go-Kart and Porsche as alt modes for Transformers. Checking the call sheet and its formatting of the scene descriptions, both vehicles are probably camera vehicles used for coverage.
6/10 Removed the listing of Jazz (white 2008 Pontiac Solstice) as a potential Transformer in the movie. Despite rumors, there is clearly a move to adding new characters to the movie, not revisting dead ones. Except maybe one based on the movie's title. Besides, Bay himself said "Jazz is dead."
6/25 Removed the Brooklyn Bridge and Bannerman Island locations as the shooting hiatus is apparently starting on June 26th nor did I ever recieve information that supported the locations. When the hiatus will end is unknown.
6/29 Removed Jon Voight (John Keller) from cast list as he said he would not be in the sequel.
8/26 Changed Stinger alt mode to Corvette Centennial since released pictures of that concept car more closly match pictures of the car seen on Transformers 2 sets.
9/8 Added "Faction Unknown" section to Transformers section. Used for either characters (The Fallen) or Chevy concept cars (ex: Volt) that seem to have no verified alliegance to either Decepticons or Autobots.
9/8 Moved the Ice Cream Truck categorization to Faction Unknown since the Ice Cream Truck's alt mode, character name and alliegance remains unverified. Still possible early movie alt mode of the "The Twins" and therefore an Autobot but more info needed.
9/23 Added Megatron, Devastator, and Ravage to villian list. Replaced Stinger with Sideswipe name. Changes based on recent rumors from Hasbro's toyline.
9/28 Replace 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (Tucson, AZ) with The Boneyard. Both mean the same thing. Removed Andrews Air Force Base as a location since never verified.
10/9 Updated the identity of the the Chevy Beat to Skids
12/16 Added Springer as possible Autobot cast member.
12/20 Based on leaked toy info, gave Volt the name of Jolt.
12/29 Updated story, moved Jetfire to Autobot section.
1/5 Removed Megatron from Decepticon cast as info from Hasbro toys and Michael Bay indicate he doesn't return for the sequel.
1/11 Skids' alt mode name change from Beat to Spark. Beat was the concept name, Spark is the production name.
1/30 Re-added Megatron to Decepticon cast since what appears to be his image is popping up on the toys and other promotional items.
2/1 Superbowl commercial proves RH400 Transformer has role in movie but not if is a component of Devastator.
2/2 Decided to remove Wheeljack (Saab Aero-X) mostly because the car has yet to be reported to have been seen on set nor is it a GM vehicle. Considering how often the other Autobot vehicles have been spotted, the Saab would have been eye balled at least once by now.
2/7 Updated to indicate the Fallen as a seperate character with Cybertronian jet and that Wheelie has been confirmed as character with RC alt mode.
2/9 Based on toy pictures moved The Fallen to Decepticon case due faction symbol on waist. Move Ice Cream Truck to Decepticons as do see a very vague and unproven Decepticon symbol under left back window.
2/11 Names of the Twins and Sideswipe has been verified. Devastator images came out but unproven if fan art or not.
2/15 At Toy Fair 2009, Hasbro releases name and look of Devastator and the Constructicons. Previous information accurate except red Komatsu HD465-7 Articulated Dump Truck was not a part of the combiner. Also added Breakaway as possible Autobot.
2/17 From toy packaging, the Audi R8 verified as having the name of Sideways.
2/21 Removed rumor note from Megatron with verification from Orci and Leader class toy.
2/25 Changed Lennox from Captain to Major based on mention in Transformers Prequel comic, Alliance #3.
3/5 Added Hugo Weaving as voice of Megatron.
3/10 Potential name for one of the Arcees is Chromia, specifics on the Arcee bikes still unknown.
3/15 Added Jon Turturro as voice of Jetfire (unverified) and new Voyager transport plane that could explain how the Autobots get from the states to Egypt to fight the Decepticons and The Fallen.
3/20 Leader class toy confirms that Jetfire has a combined mode with Optimus Prime. Jetfire is also previousily a Decepticon that becomes an Autobot. Whether or not it is used in the movie is not known.
3/20 Topps ROTF Trading Cards confirm the entire voice cast from the first film returns for the sequel to reprise their various roles.
3/26 Chromia as blue motorcycle verified via toy packaging pictures. Ice Cream truck as potential alt mode of Skids and Mudflap suggested by Alliance #4 comic.
4/1 Added Scalpel to potentially part of the Decepticon cast in the movie.
4/1 Articles verify that Scalpel, also called The Doctor, is a character in the movie. Also articles indicate a total of 8 Constructicons in the movie, seven of which form Devastator which conflicts with reports from 2009 Toy Fair.
4/13 Added runtime for movie as provided by Bay.
4/27 Roberto Orci verified that Frank Welker will voice Soundwave.
4/29 Added Grindor to Decepticon list based on appearance in ShoWest Montage and FAB toy.
5/5 Finally able to remove "possible" from description of Ice Cream truck, now confirmed to be the Twins. Also changed Arcee's color from pink to red.
5/5 Added a potential official story synopsis.
5/13 Added Glenn Morshower to supporting cast list.
5/15 Added John Di Maggio (Sideways) and James Arnold Taylor (The Fallen) to voice cast list due to their playing the roles in the video game. Movie involvement is not confirmed.
5/16 Based on official novel, Arcee bikes do have a single robot combiner mode. Whether used in movie however is not confirmed. The name of the combiner is unconfirmed. Basically Arcee remains the mystery she has been since the character was known to be in the movie back in June 08.
5/19 Based on information in the novelizations of the movie, added the Matrix as an artifact.
5/19 Added Tony Todd to voice cast list, who he is playing is unknown.
5/21 LA Times interview with Bay reveals has joined the voice cast, which character is unknown.
5/22 Article confirms seven constructicons merge Devastator. Alt mode of Overload remains unknown.
6/8 Added Insecticons, Ejector, microwave-bot to list. Added number of Transformers at 42 as provide by Michael Bay. Current known named count: 35 If include combined mode (Devastator, Arcee, Jetfire/Prime, Twins ice cream truck): 39
6/12 Based on new information from premiers and sneak peaks, Barricade not in movie, no Arcee combiner (one personality among three bodies), Bonecrusher apparently returns, Megatron is a triple changer (jet and tank modes) and so is Mixmaster (weapons platform).
6/15 Added Susan Blu and Jason Griffith to voice cast list, removed Stratosphere and Springer from Autobot TF list.
6/16 Variety review confirms Tony Todd voices the Fallen.
6/21 Added data to the Transformers voice cast section. Arcee voiced by Grey DeLisle (not Susan Blu), Jetfire is Mark Ryan (not John Turturro), Mudflap is Reno Wilson, Skids and Wheelie verified for Tom Kenny, Sideswipe is Andre Sogliuzzo (not Jason Griffith), The Doctor voiced by John DiCrosta, a Prime is Kevin Michael Richardon and Demolisher has a line but actor unknown.
6/23 Based on movie, Constructicons and what forms Devastator are not the same thing but share similar alt modes. High Tower (yellow Kobelco CK2500 Truss Crane) and Scavenger (red O&K/Terex RH400 Hydrolic Mining Excavator) do not appear seperately in movie. It seems the naming conventions for the Constructions (which are not named in the movie) are like Arcee, used mostly to help name the toys.
6/26 Changed film budget to $194 million, direct info from Bay.
9/27 Corrected the voice cast based on DVD credits list, removed John DiMaggio (Sideways) and Mike Patton (Mixmaster) as they were not listed so assuming they did not voice any characters in the movie.


  1. Are you sure, that Arcee is such an Trike? Some people say, Arcee gonna be a normal pink bike like in the old concepts or the toys.

  2. keep up the good work with this site

  3. Arcee is NOT the Can-Am Spyder trikes - she is a regular pink and black racing bike, just like the toy. I have reliable eye-witness sources that CAN confirm this!

  4. Barricade was confirmed when he was spotted outside L.A. on the back of a flatbed semi.

    Starscream was confirmed when Orci was on asking for famous Starscream lines.

    Jetfire was confirm by the call sheet.

    Arcee was confirm when she was spotted by a eyewitness as looking like the movie toy but with more decals.

    check these websites

  5. jetfire a decepticon?

  6. Jetfire is NOT a decepticon. You keep saying that but he is an autobot

  7. Where are the DINOBOTS???

  8. Ok, I made the same mistake about Jetfire not being a decepticon, but with some rebuking and a bit of research (good old G1 episodes) everyone else is right. Jetfire WAS a decepticon for a time, but converted to an Autobot later in the series. Who knows, maybe they might try this same path with him.

  9. jetfire was a friend of starscream. maybe starscream bring him to earth, along with few friends i guess, to fight the autobots and later, jetfire becomes one of the good guys.
    This is going to be good

  10. I Think Ironhide's alt mode was
    GMC C4500 Topkick in the first film. Has it been changed?

  11. you're missing isabel lucas as alice. and soundwave is also confirmed to be in the movie, but nothing on his alt form.

  12. dissapointed with the characters. I was hoping i'd see

    Ultra Magnus oh well.

    No megatron?! damn

  13. megatron is coming back.. this is taken from the Hasbro site..

    "While details of the movie’s plot a closely-guarded secret, expect a key character from the first movie to make a dramatic comeback and attempt to settle a score. "

    who else would that be?

    also, sam's parents are confirmed to be back.

  14. to the person who made that last comment it would be Jazz he is coming back not megatron

  15. See thats just the thing, the first film we were happy with just seeing very little and even though they had a good number of robots that doesn't give us right to bitch about wat we wanna see. Thats why following all this stuff is helpful and hurtful, people are easily disappointed when they should be happy that shit like this is even being made

  16. im happy homie, but im also a fan,shit look at my myspace page i can have an opinion of what i wanna see i think there doing a great job who would have thought putting The Fallen in the movie i cant wait but he is so powerful who is going to defeat him. could there be room on the big screen for my favorite autobot Omega Supreme? he is the only one that would even come close.

  17. after seeing the first i trust michael bay with whatever man, he knows what he is doing and hasbro even said they stepped in a lot on this one, should be good

  18. "to the person who made that last comment it would be Jazz he is coming back not megatron"

    and so who would jazz be settling a score with? the only decepticon he had an issue with was megatron, but he's gone..whereas megatron wants to settle a score with prime obviously. megs seems more likely to me.

  19. Ok whereas I love reading all the scoops and learning things from my magazines, u guys are I have a life.
    Michael Bay and Hasbro know what they are doing. I go to the movies to be entertained not analyze everything. This is the only time ive been compelled to comment. Sit tight, see what's in store when the movie comes out. I love the Harry Potter movies but not like this.... And I watched transformers when i was a kid...
    I can't wait for the next movie.

  20. Wheeljack has been confirmed to be the new aero x by saab

  21. "Wheels - blue Toy Size RC Jeep (alt mode unconfirmed)"

    Okay, Arcee I'm more or less okay with, but if this is an attempt to bring Wheelie into the story I'd really rather they didn't.

    blah blah "kid friendly character."

    Every kid I knew growing up hated Wheelie.

  22. Please remove the Corvette ZR1 from Stinger... It's pretty clear that's not what it is... That is all.

  23. what color is fallen going to be and what will he look like?

  24. it could also be starscream comming back to settle the score with more decepticons aimed toward prime and the other autobots for killing megatron just a thought

  25. you forgot that there also filming in sedona arizona and the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group in tuceon arizona and there is a"rumored" autobot jet but all and all good dob keep it up

  26. Also, you have the ice cream truck listed as "green" - There are photos of it, it's pink and white... an old beat-up 1930s model.

  27. Do you think they are going to make a My Little Pony movie? I loved the remake of Care Bears and would love to see a My Little Pony movie.

  28. The filming at White Sands MissileRange Began June 16 and should continue through october.


  30. the name of the former science bot that was starscream's friend was SKYFIRE. Also in the cybertron Toy line jetfire had an alt mode as a decepticon and was spying on the decepticons.

  31. They need a Scion XB in the movie!!

  32. About wheels, either he is going to be in the movie or somebody just brought a RC jeep for their own F'n amusement. But why would they need amusement on a set like this?

  33. I agree with the anonymous guy up towards the top. I heard that there would be a second movie and so i looked it up. but it looks like you guys do this every day. you guys really should get a life. It is summer time. go out and get exercise. depending on what age you are, how are you ever going to score a girlfriend?

  34. How exactlty do you know Jazz is not returning I would like to see links or pics please.

  35. See this is actually wuite funny. There are two posters here who seem concerned about the fact that others have taken the time to look into this movie in depth, and have in turn said they need to get a life for doing so. Maybe you guys should just leave people to do whatever they feel makes them happy and makes them enjoy their lives rather than adhering to a stereotype whereby you hit out with things such as "go out and get exercise.", and the good old girl friend line.

    The fact that you guys feel so compelled to announce these sort of things on a forum that is clearly aimed at those who want to discuss the matters in depth is, frankly, idiotic and patronizing. This coming from someone who enjoys the films and typed it into a google search after a bottle of wine, so in no way an avid fan.

  36. most of the infotmation is based on a call sheet. which has proven to be fake

  37. I do believe there's a chance the call sheet is fake. Tell me how that's been proven though.

  38. On the Skyfire/Jetfire issue. In the original cartoon, yes it was Skyfire, who was frozen on Earth before the war between the Autobots and Decepticons began. When he was released by Starscream, Starscream tricked him into following the Decepticons for a time, but he soon learned the truth and joined the Autobots. As for the Jetfire, there was no Jetfire in the original cartoon, only Skyfire. Jetfire came from Hasbro licensing a toy from the original Veritech fighter from the Japanese Macross/Mospaeda (sic) cartoon/comic (which came to America as Robotech courtesy of Carl Macek). There was never a Skyfire toy from the original cartoon series, and there was never a Jetfire in the original cartoon. It's all about the licensing, man... ;) I can't remember which one was in the original comic books. I need to pull them out of storage and read through them again.

  39. btw i was talking to someone on set during the Princeton filming today and he said Rainn Wilson was not in this first i thought it was a joke but then he pulled out a cast that sucks

  40. wikipedia have on their website that ravage and laserbeak are suppose to be in the movie.

  41. Soundwave is the green Chevy Trax and he is chasing Bee along with the red Chevy Beat who is Rumble.

  42. I doubt that the Chevy Trax is Soundwave and the Chevy Beat is Rumble given the fact that they both have Autobot symbols engraved in their rims

  43. You need to update with the recent developments of a decepticon minion which is clearly not frenzy. And I am pondering if you should add the silver Saturn Astra to the Autobots

  44. Yo the chevys are autobots. Probably the twins. See as they see the chase in Bethlelem and split into a Chevy trax and beat. Also something tells me this is misleading. besides why would the be in white sands until october when there is 84 days of shooting.

  45. Megatron return as Galvatron when the Decepticons pull him out of the Mariana Trench and revive him. Maybe Soundwave will rebuild him.

  46. its the pink one go to and you will see a toy arcee it looks like a pink motorcycle and you will see a picture of arcee at wikepedia

  47. Soundwave?!? SOUNDWAVE!!!

  48. What about the constructicons?

  49. the story is popably about megatron returning by starscream using the last piece of the allspark (found in megatrons chest) and try to settle a score with optimus prime and his fellow autobotsand try to conquer earth

  50. i meant autobots

  51. To one of the anonymouses above:

    The Saturn Astra is a regular vehicle...not a Transformer. Unless, of course, Optimus and Co. are secretly vulnerable to having their windshields and front bumpers damaged by measly light posts out on the street... ;)

  52. is it possable that Megatron could be coming back as Galvatron? hence rise of the fallen

  53. i posted above about Megatron coming back as Galvatron and is there a possability that Starscream will try to take over the Decepticons like in the early cartoons while Megatron/Galvatron is being reborn so to speak and i meant Revenge of the fallen my mistake

  54. to whoever said that megatron would be revived by the splinter of the allspark, Optimus took it out of his chest at the end of the movie and i'm guessing it will be very well guarded in the second.

  55. to everybody that comment before me:

    skyfire= first a decepticon deceive by starscream, later an autobot able to transport other autobots cause he was huge!

    jetfire= leader of the aerialbots he was the concord or if u want it in other way he was the chest of superion when he was combined with the other airplanes!!!

    talking of cobiners, dont you think it would be incredible awsome that the movie have combiners? such as the constructicons tranforming in the huge devastator or as i said before the aerialbots beccoming superion!! imagine the effects of 5 to 6 robots becoming a single gigantic one!!!!

  56. constructicons = devastator? are you kidding? devastator was the name of the tank, why would they want to use the name devastator for revenge of the fallen? that's dumb. if there are constructicons they probably won't combine into anything.

  57. Quick, change that "S" to an "R" before we actually end up with a decepticon called "Savage", unless it sucks as bad as Frenzy did and then it is O.k., the way we tried like hell to make sure Frenzy wasn't going to be Soundwave or Soundbyte in the first film.

    Jetfire will be cool as a SR-17. I think he was in the comics as Jetfire, although his big issue was called "Fire in the Sky."

  58. to my friend ho said " constructicons = devastator? are you kidding? devastator was the name of the tank"

    Yes my friend, Devastator was the name of tank in the movie! but in the original series Devastator was the name of the gigantic robot formed by the six constructicons : long haul(dump truck), hook (crane), scrapper (shovel), excavanger (excavator), mixmaster (concrete mixer), bonecrusher (bulldozer) not like the one in the movie that was a big car with a crane like arm, for those who saw the movie bonecrusher and devastator are names of other type of vehicles from the original series!!

    and i agree with the guy who said about the combiners it will be really amazing to see that with actual movie effects!!!

  59. The leader of the Aerialbots is SILVERBOLT

    C'mon now

  60. "Yes my friend, Devastator was the name of tank in the movie! but in the original series Devastator was the name of the gigantic robot formed by the six constructicons : long haul(dump truck), hook (crane), scrapper (shovel), excavanger (excavator), mixmaster (concrete mixer), bonecrusher (bulldozer) not like the one in the movie that was a big car with a crane like arm, for those who saw the movie bonecrusher and devastator are names of other type of vehicles from the original series!!"

    i know that!

  61. will the constructicons be in Revenge of the Fallen

  62. doesn't anyone remeber how much starscream hated megatron in anything related to transformers? starscream always wanted to be the leader of the decepticons. why would he want to revive megatron? sorry guys i really don't think megatron in coming back

  63. To think that megatron wont be back is retarded. Megatron IS the decepticons. He and Prime are the face of the transformer franchise and you cant have one without the other. They clearly aren't ready to kill off Prime yet so I highly doubt they get rid of Megatron so easily. At some point I'm sure Megatron will become Galvatron and it will probably have something to do with unicron. Yes, if you ask me sooner or later Unicron will show up. Maybe not as a planet sized transformer but none the less he will appear as a central character. Why, well i believe it for two reason. First, if you make movie after movie of autobots vs. deceptions it gets old and boring. Sooner or later they have to bring in an outside antagonist to form a common enemy for the two sides to fight against. Also in the first movies the opening line went "in the beginning there was the cube...we know not where it comes from" and since unicron is historically traced back to the origin of the transformer universe it only makes since he'd have something to do with the allspark. That's just my opinion

  64. "how are you ever going to score a girlfriend?"

    I don't need to "score a girlfriend", dude. I'm a happily married woman. Don't be a dumbass.

    As for the movies, I grew up with
    G1 and I loved it. I also loved the movie (except for the excessive dwelling of the human characters) and I look forward to the sequel (hopefully with more screentime with the TF's and less of the humans).

  65. arcee's alt mode is a pink motorcycle.i think skywarp and thundercracker should be in tf2

  66. K. MILLER here,

    I totally agree with the guy (or girl) The 9TH POST up from mine. Change Savage back to RAVAGE please.

    Well all know that's what it is.

    Thank-You and keep up the Great Work!!!

  67. If megatron does return...which i'm almost sure he will...why would they even care about a splinter of the allspark. Didn't megatron merge his spark with the allspark at the end of tf 1. That is what supposedly killed him isn't it?

  68. I know it's way too early to ask but does anyone know by when, will they have a teaser/trailer of TF2? So we know a little of what to expect for Transformers 2.

  69. to the person who said megatron is coming back its not him barricade is coming back
    check out he wikipedia article and the imbd criteria, and the motorycycle that sam rides i probably a girl like transformer who was supposed to be in the first movie but michael bay decied it would be to hard to explain a girl transformer

  70. jetfire started as a decepticon then swiched sides and his original name was Skyfire in G1 don't know when they changed it.

  71. Transformers 2 i think it will be frickin awsome. After Transformers 2 I hope they make a live action series

  72. He is correct for the most part. The custom bikes will be Ducati's one of which will be Mikaela's. The twins will be two Japanese smart cars similar to the one's on the Nintendo Wii commercial. There will also be a Chevy Volt bot. Also, they will leave it open for a third, but no confirmation of whether or not they'll tape. Taping is ending as I write at Edwards AFB and will continue in Palmdale, Ca in the next few days. Keep ta updated.

  73. ...continued to my post abov, Sam will also meet a new girl while at college which will be taped at USC.

  74. again continued from the tope. Megatron will be back!!! The bot will be pulled from the water...

  75. hmm i have a big suspicion there are going to be more then 20 robots in the movie since bay himself said they would send fake info out

  76. i hope theres more than twenty because that will make the battles bigger

  77. you know....shockwave made an aperance in the game ,i thought that was a pretty good indacation he would appear in the movie .no?

  78. Is Megatron coming back as Galvatron??

  79. Ok, everybody, The fallen is an actual Transformer, he was one of the origional ones created. Primus made 13 Transformers in the beginning, 1 of them decided to go with Unicron. He is one evil TF. And usually where there is The Fallen, there is Unicron. So, Megatron might not be back, Jazz might not be back, either one of them could be back. But the most likely thing that will happen will be The Fallen shows up. Sorry to bust your bubbles. As to the Devastator thing, the tanks name was NOT Devastator, that was a mislabel. The tanks name was Brawn. So it is very likeley that devastator might be there. You never know.

  80. hey, what about omega supreme! hound,prowl,huffer,cliffjumper,brawn,sideswipe,mirage
    sunstreaker,powerglide,blaster and the dinobots??

  81. are these charaters are they going to be in the film?: omega supreme, hound,prowl,huffer,cliffjumper,brawn,sideswipe,mirage
    sunstreaker,powerglide,blaster, wheeljack and the dinobots??

  82. I read that the Decepticons steal Megatron, Starscream revives him from his own spark and they attack again.

    P.S. I'm very disappointed in Shia's DUI- TAH.

  83. Actually the tank was "Brawl" not "Brawn. Brawn was a Land Rover type of Autobot and one of the strongest good guys

  84. Cant help but laugh my ass off reading all the comments in here... ahahhahahhaha! ^__^

    The only gripe I have so far with the Autobots in this movie ( & the comics) is how small they are compared to the Decepticons...

  85. Hey how come when the autobots are heading into town away from the dam and the decepticons are chasing after them you see barricade in the camera view following behind them and then prime stops to take on a decepticon and they continue on. How come we dont see barricade in the big battle? Did he get caught in traffic?
    Maybe he is getting revenge for the fallen cause he missed the battle.

  86. How bout this idea... starscream brings back other decepticons to earth and they get megatrons remains and the other decepticons that were killed and brings megatron back to life rebuilding him using the parts from megatron and the others that were killed. That would make it "revenge of the Fallen".

  87. They need to make a prequil to TF, They should show The TF world and the war between the Autobots and decepticons and how it all started. That way they can have all sorts of TF's in the movie to include everyones favorite. They could have Huge battles and cut out all of the humans that are in it. Except for the part where megatron comes to earth and Sam's Grandfather finds him. You could even include some of the Autobots escaping to earth and taking up their alt form to stay hidden from the decepticons.

    I think that would be a great movie! What you guys think?

  88. Remember, to make a prequil they would have to make like 5 movies before they destroy the story lines completely and have to resurrect the franchise. Guys stop trying to compare the movies to the original comics and cartoons. You know they are taking liberties with the story lines. You shoulda got that through your hard heads when you saw a crappy CAMARO!!!!

  89. come on guys i think your thinking too much about it, revenge of the fallen, why would the fallen have revenge when not even been in the story yet, i think youl find out that it meas the fallen as in the fallen in battle, like the deceptacons had fallen in the battle from the first? so theyre coming back for another fight, and it was over a year ago but who flew into space at the credits? surley it could be them coming back to get revenge? megatron coming back would be too obvious come on people, too obvious, its jus the ones that didnt die in the 1st that are coming back from revenge (was it starscream?) the jet at the end, obv gona get more deceptacons and i think itl be his revenge, thankyou and goodnight

  90. you people should should read transformer comics from IDW

    ALL HAIL MEGATRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. i have to go with the end of the movie starscrem flew off into space. he probally went off looking for other deceptacons to gather a army to come back to earth to get rid of the remaining autobots. but i do recall optimus prime saying that they are there on earth, which leads to other auto bots to join them. does that make any sense?

  92. i havent read all the comments posted but being froma nd living in Tucson, Az, that filming at the309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, is true and should have the rumor part removed. There was a decent sized article in our paper about it, and that it is on Davis Monthon Air Force Base. As far as when the filming actually takes place there is beyond me, but im guessing it already happened cause the article appeared like near the begining of july. Figured id throw that piece of info in for ya.

  93. i got some super news the ice cream truck is not an autobot yeah you heard me its actually a decepticon i was looking at a picture and i saw a decepticon insignia so the twins have to be the chevy beat and trax go too seibertron .com and youll see

  94. All I have to say is that reading all of these posts is pumping me up even more. I can't wait until ROTF comes out so we can put the puzzle together. You guys are awesome :)

  95. I saw an article recently that says scorponox (sp?) is going to give his "spark" to a stolen carcass. coughmegatroncough. Somehow this giant goes missing, and gets new life. The one thats coming back will be megatron. Search for it online, its there.

  96. Some information has been revealed that Scorponok may appear in the sequel to 2007's Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It has been said that Scorponok will give up his spark to revive Megatron

  97. All of us Transformer Fans from back in the day know that Jetfire was originally a Decepticon. In the the cartoon series, Starscream tricks Jetfire, telling him that the Aubtobots were evil. Later on in the cartoon Jetfire becomes an Autobot. Also, Jetfire doesnt like to fight.

  98. R.O.T.F sounds awesome!! i can't wait 2 c soundwave! oh and brawl and bonecrusher should be in this, becuz they came back alive by absorbing allspark energy b4 it.. um.. was gone, and they fled miles away becomin deep desert brawl and jungle bonecrusher. there i said it. and can y' all drumm in2 ur brains the tank is called BRAWL not devastator, i no it said it on screen but it was a script error, go on wikipedia and type in brawl u shud c it ther.

  99. decepticons rock
    bonecrusher and brawl double rock
    the autobots suck balls
    jazz does to
    jazz is dead
    optimus will die
    the autobots will be crushed
    decepticons will rule
    then theyll form a congo line and congo line theyre way round cybertron out of happiness!! :)

  100. The Holloman Air Force Base/White Sands Shoot is happening now lots of productions vans and Dreamworks crew here, from what i hear filming is set to last through the end of next week.

  101. Miller95Talon said...

    So, 84 DAYS of FILMING. That means their last day is on SEPTEMBER 25/26th. Funny enough that is when EAGLE EYE comes out. That leaves 8 Months Left of CGI plus the 2-3 Months of CGI-Editing on the fly while shooting production (As this movie has Double+ or so more CGI than the 1st Film.

    ***NOTE***: It is safe now take down the 'rumor' tag put on the DECEPTICON Audi R8 as that Blu-Ray Walmart DAY 1 "On The Set" shows it clear as day.


  102. OK I say that movies never follow the complete story line of comics, video games, or books for that a depiction of what the director sees in his own eyes to make it work yes there may be similar names that other bots have or may have had but again it is up to the director to decide how the movie plays out. Although i feel it is wise to follow one or the other....

  103. I saw some toys that supposedly happen after the first movie. jungle bonecrusher, deep desert brawl,security barricade. wtf, they can't try to change it. its bull shit. I liked the movie (07) way better than the old tf and am open to new ideas but it's been confirmed. BARRICADE IS STILL A COP CAR. BONECRUSHER HAS NO HEAD. AND BRAWL IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. having a feelin that goin to lead to a third transformers movie leadin to unicorn. whoever said jetfire is not a decepticon well he is, well he was a decepticon then turned into an autobot. so its right for him to be a decepticon in the movie. i hope it is true that they will bring devastator. if they do then they should bring in dino-bots since they were the only thing that could take on devastator. wish they wouldve brought astrotrain.
    best autobot is ironhide
    best decepticon is devastator

  105. correction to the blog bout unicorn meant to say unicron

  106. No, Megatron is not coming back as Galvatron, hence the fallen will prob be revealed towards the end and the fallen will most likely be known as unicron and then megatron will come back as galvatron.

  107. Devastator? Dinobots? I dunno about that. The pics I've seen so far do show a lot of decepticon cars and autobot jets though. As far as any chance of combiners appearing, my bet's on Superion and Menasor.
    Really, all I'm crossing my fingers for is to see Starscream play his part as the usurper. Seriously, who's going to lead the Decepticons now?

  108. 6/23/2008 8:53 PM anonymous said there was no skyfire toy actualy there was lol

  109. I know it's only speculation, but i think the Chevy Trax is Outback, the Chevy Beat is Brawn and the Chevy Volt is Prowl.

  110. I just want to say,, There is no and never been a JETFIRE.. It was SKYFIRE.. He was originally a good friend to Starscream. the two first travelled to Earth long before the great Cybertonian wars; before there was a distinction between Autobot and Decepticon.
    they were caught in a storm, Skyfire crashed and was presumed destroyed when Starscream could not find him. After being found by Starscream in 1984 at the North Pole, Skyfire briefly joined the Decepticons before ultimately concluding that his heart was that of an Autobot. he continued to be a valuable asset to the Autobot cause over the course of the series.

  111. Well if you go by the original comics, Jetfire was originally created by Shockwave as a prototype for the next generation of Decepticon jets. Unfortunately for Shockwave the life giving Creation Matrix that should have been in Optimus' brain had been transferred to Spike Witwicky so he couldn't be bought to life, and as such was just a remote control automaton. Eventually Jetfire was given life and became an Autobot. And who would want to be Starscreams friend anyway? Such a whinny voice!

  112. The shooting location for Oct 10th is Naval Base Pt Loma on board USS Topeka SSN 754

  113. At the risk of stating the obvious, if the Chevy Trax needed a name, there was an Autobot with that name exactly. Trax. Toooo obvious maybe?

  114. Ummmm this list states that the icecream truck is green....maybe im color blind, but im pretty sure the ice cream truck in all the pics, and vids...was pink and white.

  115. I just want to see the hot Australian chick in the movie!

  116. i really have too say that wheeljack is not going to be in the movie why. 1.the vehicle mode has not been seen through the whole set i mean weve seen lots of cars on set weve seen videos of the autobots rolling out and wheeljack is not there.2. there would be too many autobots in the film and wheels hardly anyone knows wheels he was only in the movie. 3. the only wAY HE COULD BE IN THE MOVIE IS IF HE COMES SOMEHOW AT THE START OF THE MAJOR BATTLE AND WHATS HE GONNA SAY. UH SORRY IM LATE DEC EPTICONS GOT IN MY WAY COMMON PEOPLE LOOK AROUND

  117. That's right. Saab Aero-X hasn't been on shooting. Why anybody doesn't remove Wheeljack from that list because he won't be on that movie. I think that Wheels won't be too on movie and also that earth mover Constructicon. Constructicons will be 7 construction vehicles combining to Devastator. By the way, I believe that Skids's twin brother might be Tracks and Audi R8 decepticon might be Kickback. If that Chevrolet Volt will be too a transformer, he might be Mirage.

  118. Chevrolet Silverado which is rumored to be Soundwave's Earth alternate mode hasn't too seen on shooting, but it might hvae same thing than Arcee. I mean that he might too spend rest of the movie on his robot mode. Soundwave's cybertronian mode toy version proves that it concept art was real. Those robot modes are very similar. But still there must be yet one prouf that says it concept art real. There must be a small figure Ravage (similar than concept art character) with Soundwave toy.

  119. Like Ive mentioned before its strange to have Soundwave as a satellite in Cybertron mode then "just" a vehicle in the earth mode;to me it limits his concept personality...Soundwave is to Transfomers as "Bobba Fett" was to Star Wars...Their both rockstars.

  120. About Unicron showing up..
    If so, im sorry they're just fucked! Plant eatn mofo

    As 4 Arcee..if u watch the behind the scenes on the Transformers DVD it was either Bay or sum1 from Hasbro that said she almost made it in the 1st movie.
    So i'm pretty sure she will be appearing in this sequel without a doubt. Which I'm actually looking forward 2.

    An u know when they begin writing & re-writing certain pieces of the script they check blogs like this 2 see what is expected & what people r looking forward on seeing. An with all the talk about
    Megatron coming back as Galvatron...I would say that might happen.

    1 last thing...they do need a PREQUEL to all this! Tell me u wouldnt wanna see a movie showing the battles on Cybertron!!
    End the movie maybe sowing Megatron crash landing 2 Earth. dumb ending but i'm just giving u the flow of things.
    U know how long this shit would take though...way longer then the 2 movies we're getting!!!


  121. I changed mind about that Chevrolet Trax might be Tracks. Race cars like Chevrolet Corvette (Tracks's G1 mode) are better to be Tracks's alternate modes in Transformers fictions. Now I think that Trax Autobot which is Skids's twin brother is Brawn. That Trax Autobot's robot mode is similar thn Bumblebee's robot mode, but stronger. Brawn's function on G1 was demolition. Brawn might have same function on Revenge of the Fallen movie.

  122. I'm afraid that Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Arcee, Sideswipe, the Twins (Skids and unknown Chevrolet Trax), unknown Chevrolet Volt, unknown Pretender using name Alice, Megatron, Starscream, Barricade, Soundwave, Ravage, unknown Audi R8, Constructicons, The Fallen cannot be only characetrs of this movie. What kind of surprises were appreances of Brawl and Bonecrusher in first movie? I'm sure that just when all ROTF toys are going to appreance then final lists of transformer characters is finally ready. When toys of first movie appreanced. I found out all characters. Before it I knew only appreances of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron, Starscream and Scorponok. After toys and youtube videos I found out appreances of Jazz, Ratchet, Barricade, Frenzy, Bonecrusher, Blackout and Brawl. But I have waited too much. I don't want wait for too long time full list of ROTF transformer appreances.

  123. I've waited too much. Now I'm starting to think that it Audi R8 Decepticon is Barricade's new mode. This is just a rumor, but if Prowl makes his appreance in this movie, there cannot be two police cars. That Chevrolet Malibu chinese police car and that Saleen S281 Mustang american police car. One hint is too Audi R8 Decepticon's robot mode. It's too similar than Barricade's robot mode. Barricade will replace his Saleen Mustng mode with Audi R8. Just like Bumblebee replaced his 1976 Camaro mode and the Twins replaced their ice cream truck with Chevrolet trax and Chevrolet Beat.

  124. Prowl's appreance might be only good reason for Barricade's replacing his Saleen Mustang police car mode by Audi R8 mode. I'm now sure that Audi R8 Decepticon cannot be anybody else than barricade in a new mode.

  125. I know for sure that they filmmed part of the TF2 at 'Wadi Ram' in Jordan. I was there less than a month ago, and they had been there filmming not long before.

  126. Springer in movie? That might be possible, but I don't remember to see V-22 Osprey in shooting.

  127. Ho much I have to wait releasing idnetities of Trax, Audi and Volt robots or real name of pretender Alice. I have waited too much. This is so boring!!!

  128. quintesions ring any bells? who was first on cibertron ? and for all the smart folks , who created unicron ??? hmmm . some food for thought . Tom

  129. Maybe Unicron was also created by the Allspark just like the other transformers.

  130. Chevrolet Volt Autobot's identity told? Finally. Now I only need to know only identities of Chevrolet Trax Autobot, Audi R8 Decepticon and pretender disguising himself as Alice and will Springer really make appreance on this movie.

  131. to the guy above its easy to say thats the chevy trax is sunstreker we already know that sideswipe has a twin so that shouldanswere question 1 now since baricade is supposed to be in tf2 but his police form has not been seen it is obvious to say that barricade is the audi r8 now the pretender is ravage propably cause frenxy is dead i dnot know any other decepticon small enogh too be a pretender and another thing wheeljack is not in tf2 no one has seen his vehicle mode throught thewhole set

  132. okay ppl calm the freak down, ok arcee is going to be a 3 bike conector mark these words, and megatron is going to be in the movie so is jetfire, soundwave(will likely start as a survalience satilite) devastator, and most of the first robot cast. there will be the twins, and a host of others just look you can find the answers oyur looking for


  134. Ok Guys and Gals.......Does anybody know what uniforms our heroes will be sporting in the new film?? I have seen some shots and it looks like they have moved from the Multicam used in the first film! Any help would be great.

  135. this website is quality. carnt see much of the fallen on the pics can u not get more. hope megatron returns.n wud luv 2 see hot rod in tf2

  136. hope optimus kills starscream.a wonder what the trikes are 4 aswell seen loads of pics of them on set. can u find whats happenin about the trailer hope its a great teaser.carnt wait 2 see tf2

  137. Jetfire(was called Skyfire in the G1 series) Was originally a scientist from cybertron.. was a friend of Starscream before the war. when he crashed on earth (much like megs did in the 2007 movie) was found by starscream and was recruited to the decepticons and was made to believe that the autobots were evil.

    then later became an autobot when he realized that they were not evil but the decepticons were.

    thats the story line from G1

  138. in the first movie barricade dissapeard frm the highway chase.wher did he go? it be awesome if hot rod was in the second film.but its good seein new robots lky the twins and jolt. roll out the 26th june.carnt wait.tf2

  139. Allow me to explain what happened to Barricade. I found out that in comics Barricade was killed shortly after death of Bonecrusher. But Starscream fixed Barricade. That's why he's still alive and makes appreance at ROTF movie.

  140. Hey, something is not right. The Fallen's appreance has confirmed, because Michael bay and Shia laBeouf have told that he will be in ROTF movie. Here should be made update that the Fallen's appreance isn't just rumor

  141. thanks 4 tellin is about any more info on the g1 cum arecee takes 3 bikes 2 transform her?any info on the trikes.tf2

  142. When and where is the world premier being held and how do the fans get tickets?

  143. Stupid me. One hint about that Megatron won't appreance in ROTF movie is that there are no voice actor who voices Megatron in this time.

  144. a think megatron shud return.does optimus combine with jetfire?some please get does the fallen come into the movie? tf2

  145. "Stupid me. One hint about that Megatron won't appreance in ROTF movie is that there are no voice actor who voices Megatron in this time."

    How the fuck do you know megatron doesnt have a voice actor this time, you dont know about sideswipes voice actor but you still know that he's in the movie

  146. It was about when one new said there was voice actor to the Fallen, but not to Megatron. Any new voice actor isn't released.

  147. And you who talked about barricade, I have no idea what these trikes are. I don't know are they transformers, but RetroSBK bikes are alternate mode of Arcee, not trikes. In Alliance cover #4 was seen one purple bike, one pink bike and one blue bike. But in shooting has seen red bike and black bike with purple bike.

  148. thanks 4 info does potimus combine with jet fire?who is that on the new poster megatron or the fallen?tf2

  149. It is the Fallen. Megatron can't look like it. There's only one thing which can make Megatron's head to different. His becoming to Galvatron. But that won't happen until third film. I'm sure about it.

  150. I am absolutely excited for the new film!!!! i was so sure tht you guys would make another one! my question is will there be new sporty cars? and Wat will it br rated? thanks and i hope ou guys make a third and so on and so forth!!! i loved the first one and can't wait till the second one comes out! I hope it looks as real as the first one did!!! bye

  151. I'm not much up on the Tramsformers. But I do know that there is a Mack cement mixer and it is charcoal grey with silver stipes on the drum. The reason I know this is that a local company
    just bought the truck and it still has some of the transformer logo on the side of the drum.
    The bought it from Mack and the told them it was in the movie. I do have picture of the truck if anyone wants to see them.

  152. Alternate modes of Constructicons aren't yet confirmed. There has been told rumors of 7 Constructicon alternate modes. There's still 2 Constructicon alternate modes those aren't told yet. It's confirmed that there are 9 Constructicons, but their alternate modes and names are still without releasing.

  153. I mean, those rumors of 7 construction vehicles are just rumor, but Long haul is only Contsructicon who is confirmed to appear.

  154. Now I know that rumor isn't right. Those construction vehicles aren't their alternate modes. I've seen one Construticon toy. It's excavator and it hasn't own robot mode. It only transforms to Devastator's head and shoulders. If there is nine Constructicons and Devastator looks like gorilla. It means that 2 of them transform to Devastator's body. 4 of them transform to it's arms. And 2 transform to legs. Have you all figured it out? 1 for head and shoulders, 2 for body, 2 for left arm, 2 for right arm, 1 for left leg and 1 for right leg.

  155. For more information, go to, search "Transformers 2."

  156. I'm just saying that I am working on one of the cement mixer trucks that was used in the movie.
    I don't know what it was used for but it has one of the Transformer logos on the drum. And it was confirmed by the Mack dealer that it was used in the movie. It is charcoal Grey with silver stripes. you can tell that the truck was a prop
    because the paint was put on the drum with no prep work, so the paint is just falling off. If I can figure out how to attach a picture I will.

  157. here is a link to some pics of the mixer

  158. Only one problem. That page doesn't work anymore.

  159. I just opened it and it openened. Just drag your mouse over the address then copy and paste it in the address bar.

  160. Wow! Now it's working. That is 100 % photo of one Constructicon. Rumor of Mack cement mixer is right. That Decepticon token in it confirmed it. I hope you could find photos of another Constructicon alternate modes. I'm not yet 100% is that excavator Constructicon really O&H RH400.

  161. I have reliable sources that Megatron is indeed in this film! And, a long lost known name to Transformers junkies...Unicron!

  162. Csn you send a link which could prove those words?

  163. This is just my humble opinionated prediction.

    Megatron Does come back, revived by scorponock.
    Jazz may be back for sure. The contructicons probably don't have individual robot modes and are only in robot form when merged together as Devastator. That would seem like a move Michael Bay would make. He's been known to do things his own way and I think he would probably do that just like he changed Bumble Bee to a comarro or killing Jazz towards the end. NOt my favorite scene by the way. I have been told that the G.I.Joe Movie is going to spin off of this Transformers movie. I don't have proof of that, just word from an insider friend of mine. Either way, it's gonna be cool.

  164. I've seen also that Megatron's tank mode is little like Scorponok's scorpion mode, but remember Bay's words. Megatron won't appear in movie.

  165. I just realized that ratchet is not in any of the pictures and many people have made a note that he's not around so maybe the Decepticons have him rebuilding Megs. I don't know i am just thinking out loud. What do you guys think?

  166. I was the one who posted the pics of the mixer truck. Lika I said before not much into the Transformers. Does anyone know if the mixer has a name on its own? Thanks.

  167. where is the denobots

  168. To Anonymous on Jan. 30:

    The cement mixer was named Mixmaster in the original 1980's cartoon. However, if the cement mixer is a Decepticon, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll use the same name.

  169. The plot of the film is realy this:

    Two years has passed. Sam has left home and has moved in with a new collage roomate. The autobots have made there selves at home however they still have to get rid of the evil decepticon barricade who is roaming the streets.

    However things are only going to get worse when Starscream returns to earth with reinforcements from cybertron and what is worse one of his minions (Soundwave) May have the power to revive megatron.

    As the action intenses Sam finds a photo of an ancient egyption artifact. The allsparks power effects him and he becomes super fast at reading.

    The final Scene see`s many of the surviving autobots battle a decepticon army in egypt with the state of the world at stake when the evil robot constructicons combine to form DEVASTATOR and The fallen may finaly rise from his prison

  170. YOU BETTER SHOW MEGATRON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Megatron is my favorite !!!

  172. Go Decepticons !!!!!

  173. I hope optimus prime kicks some butt in the new movie, from Shawn

  174. Where did wheeljack go? And where did mudflap come from?!

  175. Wheeljack won't appear in movie. Saab Aero-X hasn't appear in shoots and name Mudflap is just rumor. Name Scavenger isn't perhaps just a rumor. Scavenger has been excavator Constructicon in rest of Transformers continuities. That Earth Mover might mean only construction vehicle which is largest one of it's kind. That excavator might be it. Or it can mean also dump truk, though there's two dump trucks. One normal and one articulated.

  176. By the way, here's a message for that guy who sent a link to page where Constructicon Mack cement mixer truck album is. I ask you to find links to places where other ones are. You don't need to do it, if you don't want to. This is just a request, but I really would want to see other Constructicon alternate modes.

  177. Wikipedia says that Prime and Jetfire have the ability to combine

    A concept from TF ARMADA

  178. Soundwave is a cybertronian Satellite
    As seen from Empire images of the toy Soundwave

    Visit for news about the 2nd trailer release, toys, and many more...
    It says Fri. the 13 is the release of 2nd trailer

  179. There will be 7 Constructicons in the movie who will form Devastator

    Also a rumor about the ability of Devastator says that Devastator will have
    a sucking ability

    It can suck everything
    It's a turbine or something but it' only just a rumor

    Also the website says that there will be an army of small Transformers , similar to Frenzy in the first movie, will attack the Witwicky's House

    But it's only a rumor

  180. Whoever said the thing about Prime and Jetfire have the ability to combine, Wikipedia isn't always a reliable source, so I wouldn't fully trust Wikipedia on that one. It is possible though; I haven't read any of the Transformer comics.

  181. WTF? It's now sure that ice cream truck is a Decepticon, but why it's not verified. But I'm not surprised about the Fallen listed as a Decepticon. Fallen and the Decepticons have worked together once before, but not all of the Decepticons. Only three one of them. Do you remember Transformers War Within: The Dark Ages comics? Three Decepticons: Bludgeon, Mindwipe and Bugly became Chaos Trinity, servants of the Fallen.

  182. I hope to see a 3rd TF movie (or a series of TF movies) but in order to do that, this one better be just as good (but hopeing way better than) Transformers 1. (TF1 Kicked butt. TF2 from seeing the teaser looks like it will) kick @#$. If they do a 3rd TF they should have the dinobots, prowl, Hound, insecticons, shockwave, astrotrain and the many other TF that never made it to the big screen yet. Good Luck Michael Bay and the rest of the cast, to make Transformers 2 a bad@#$ film!

  183. wait for Decepticons come back

  184. I'm afraid Simon Furman said that Dinobots won't appear in live action movie continuity. But I don't know about Shockwave, Prowl, Hound, Astrotrain and Insecticons. Still Prowl and Hound are rumored to appear in ROTF movie. Fans believe that Prowl would be a Chinese police car and Hound would be one of NEST pickup trucks.

  185. By the way, here's not yet articles about Devastator's and the Fallen's images, but Devastator's robot mode proved that red Komatsu HD 465-7 articulated dump truck is only one of those 7 construction vehicles which is not alternate mode of Constructicons. If you want to see images yourself, wait until article is released here or search them with Google.

  186. That GM car show where all five Chvrolet cars appeared in ROTF movie were seen confrimed all names. Sideswipe is Corvette centennial, Skids is Beat, Mudflap is Trax and Jolt is Volt.

  187. Please keep up the awesome amount of work!

    Your making so many people happy with these constant updates!

    I'm forwarding more and more info to my mates and we are all loving it!


  188. GREAT UPDATES! always. You have the Teaser Release Date for #1, but not for the Teaser Trailer #2: FEBRUARY 13th, 2009 with Friday the 13th.

    Anyways. I hope the Autobots have more than just Trucks & Cars. They need the Air Support. I also hope that OMEGA SUPREME shows up as The ARK, transforms, and beats the living crap out of DEVASTATOR to save his Autobot buddies and yeah, Earth too.

  189. the Corvette(Sideswipe) is called the "Stingray" not "Centennial" it was confirmed at the Detroit auto show


    here are 2 links to pages with many pictures, if you scroll over many have names of the bots.


  191. New full teaser at Yahoo movies:

    So awesome...


  192. when will rodimus emerge????

  193. Man I can,t wait for this movie.

  194. I'm dying to see Part 2. However, as much as I love Megatron, the idea of him returning (regardless of what they did in the cartoons) makes Transformer deaths pointless & keeps the stakes low. If all anyone has to do is put someone's plug back into the wall, and the guy's back, no one ever really wins or loses. Hence, how big a deal is it for 1 of them to kill another?

    If Megs is gonna be in the 2nd film, best thing is to just let him live coming out of the 1st. And btw, did someone SERIOUSLY ask for Rodimus?? Like, seriously?? LOL.

  195. arcee was a car not a bike so what is going on here?

  196. damn no one has commented on this in a while, lol. megs is dead but he comes back in the comics.

  197. wait, where did that comment come from all of a sudden? wtf

  198. Hey Mr Blog owner...

    Isn't the toy pics of Wheelie shows that he is a Decepticon, not an Autobot?

  199. Anonymous said...
    Hey Mr Blog owner...

    Isn't the toy pics of Wheelie shows that he is a Decepticon, not an Autobot?

    Wheelie is a side changer and only serves the decepticons because he is scared.

    P.s enter my competition (Info and rules tenth post down)

    Competition closes Friday 6th march 2009 at midnight!


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