Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Transformers 4 Announcement on Hasbro's Investor Day?

Hasbro has announced via press release that they are holding their annual Investor Day on November 9th. The day has the top level executives provide presentations and answer questions from the press and investors about the status of the company and future plans. Plans that likely will include an announcement about the status of Transformers 4. Last we heard from Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner, they were in talks with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay about the movie.

According to an anonymous source, and various web rumors, the event will be used to confirm that a second trilogy is planned with Transformers 4 and 5 being shot back to back. The extent of Bay's involvement was still not determined. This remains speculation but I have no doubts Hasbro wants to move forward on another movie. Will be interesting to see how much they reveal on the day as such an announcement will likely help Hasbro's stock prices.
Hasbro Announces Investor Day Webcast on November 9, 2011

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) today announced it will webcast presentations from its annual Investor Day on Wednesday, November 9, 2011, beginning at 10:00 AM eastern time. The webcast will include presentations by the company's President and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Goldner; Chief Operating Officer, David Hargreaves; Chief Financial Officer, Deborah Thomas; as well as other Hasbro Senior Executives. The presentations will be followed by a question and answer session.

The webcast will be available live to investors and the media on Hasbro's Investor Relations home page at Hasbro, Inc. - Investor Relations. A replay of the webcast will be available approximately two hours following the completion of the event at the same location on Hasbro's Investor Relations Web site.


  1. so it will be be different movie from the orginal ones? wow this is going to be weird... anyways... when is Transformers: Prime coming back on TV?

  2. Please! Please! No more Bay...or Bayformers!

  3. cross your fingers for bay not coming back!

  4. I like the new designs for the live action films, but good riddance to Michael Bay and his lousy storytelling

  5. i just hope they keep Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime other then that.... I want the bots to look as real as possible thats all I ask :)

  6. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg have to go.
    But Hasbro CEO will not have the guts to do what is best and will go the safest route based on boxoffice results for the first three movies. What Hasbro doesn't get is that Bay and Spielberg are in only for the money and they don't care about quality anymore, Transformers3 is a disgrace and the fact that it managed to fool more people once doesn't mean that that is going to happen twice or more...
    The safest route is going to prove being the risky one instead...

  7. Bay yes. Spielberg HECK NO he should stay! Hes made some of the best films to date. If he actually read some of the comics and books, read some stories and such, and got the feel of transformers.Also, common, TF3 wasn't that bad, and no i'm not starting a flame-war, just giving my opinion as a fan.

  8. Transformers3 is the worst Michael Bay movie to date. Almost as bad as that awful Avatar. The first two Transformers movie Michael Bay put a lot of effort and it shows. Transformers3 has a better script but a pathetic sloppy execution overall. Technically it's below the first two, CGI and action scenes are tiny and poor, it gives nothing new nor amazing and then the worst female lead replacement choice ever done by Bay was the final straw.

  9. I loved all three Transformers yes even the second one, as a fan what Bay did to the transformers pissed me off and killed the style of the G2 transformers I loved but the movies were still good you haters are way to harsh. But yes Bay must go and they need to bring in a guy who makes this movies for the fans not the box office. It's got to be more about the transformers and less about the human's.

  10. Would be good if they asked. Its gotta be darker
    most TRUE fans of transformers are mid-late 20s now and above. And please please please, never let Rosie back on a screen. She's so annoying I almost wanted to leave the cinema, please no Jason Statham, don't get me wrong I find his films very entertaining but he doesn't suit storylines unfortunately
    someone not so popular would mean more focus on the bots which personally I think these films were abit off on

  11. i hope they bring the same cast and crew back, why ruin a good thing? bay is an awesome director an did an amazing job with all 3 transformers movies

  12. @Kris: good thing, same cast? What same cast? Megan Fox was fired already and the replacement Rosie has been a disgrace which alone managed to ruin every single scene featuring her. The worst female casting by Michael Bay ever. He always got very hot actresses that worked perfectly on screen before BUT Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a joke, really, a bad joke.

  13. ok... If Transformers3 is sooo bad... then why did it make a billion dollars and like the 4th most grossing movie ever?!?!?

  14. Transformers 3 is the greatest movie this world has ever seen period. 1.2 billion and counting baby..... ha ha ha ha!!!

  15. @Anonymous 11/02/2011 5:50 PM: Avatar got $2.7billion boxoffice gross and it's the most pathetic cheap fraud of a movie ever seen, many console games feature way better CGI than that scam too.
    It only proves how many fools are in the world.
    Then there are movies that deserve their huge boxoffice gross like Lord Of The Rings trilogy. But it seems that nowadays too many people don't use their brain at all, otherwise a scam like Avatar wouldn't have managed grabbing so much from people nor Michael Bay worst movie to date being Transformers3 would have been a financial success higher than the first two. It doesn't make any damn sense other than proving that a huge percentage of the population is completely enslaved and can't judge things properly. They enjoy paying for bad products and don't turn good products into financial success. All of this is really really bad because multinationals managers worldwide will more and more only understand the simple fact that making a fool of their customers is the way to, selling bad products is the way to go. And so expect worse and worse movies as long as too many fools enjoy being enslaved by pathetic marketing lies.

  16. Who are you kidding 7:42 pm you know you love Trans3 you cant stop talking about it, your totaly obsessed. I bet you probably watched it more than any of us, you know you love Rosie and that nice round butt, we all do, she blows skeletor megan fox away and everybody knows it. God she she looked wonderful in that blue miniskirt walking around with that white bunny, just so classy. Michael Bays greatest acheivement.

  17. "Avatar got $2.7billion boxoffice gross and it's the most pathetic cheap fraud of a movie ever seen, many console games feature way better CGI than that scam too." 7:42 PM

    Alright as a freelance artist, I've just gotta say you have no idea about cg work.

  18. @Anonymous 11/02/2011 9:23 PM: you must be a little kid if you can't see how sloppy ILM worked on Transformers3 CGI compared to their previous work on Transformers and Transformers2 which were excellent. They recycled their 3D models, they didn't create anything new never seen before like the Devastator CGI on Transformers2 and there are many scenes on Transformers3 in which CGI rendering is really bad, wrong lighting, bad lowres textures, they don't look real but cartoonish, they don't look into the scene and almost 2D lacking depth.
    @Anonymous 11/02/2011 9:06 PM: you are the obsessed one here, obviously.

  19. What people need to realise is that you need to take into account many factors when you talk about movie gross profit.

    1. Ticket prices are higher now than when Cinema started.

    2. A billion today is not the same as a billion when Cinema started.

    3. market saturation. The amount of cinema's today and the access to them is not the same as when Cinema started.

    So yeah, TF3 broke a billion. But it has done sweet fuck all on the scale of things.

  20. http://boxofficemojo.com/alltime/adjusted.htm

    Now shut the fuck up all those obsessed with TF3 breaking a Billion. It is not even in the top 100.

  21. Its simple they love it.Thats why it makes billions.Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Some of us might totaly hate it, well thats just to dam bad isn't it. Most people liked Ster Treck, I dispised it it was so stupid to me one of the dumbest movies I ever seen. Its all in the eye of the beholder, that old saying is true because opinions are like assholes everybody's got one.

  22. No it made Billions cos the tickets cost more. Gone With the Wind put more bums on seats than TF3 could ever dream of.

  23. True the ticket sales definately pushed TF3 over the top and I don't know any third movie that doesn't take a hit with bums in seats but there's plenty of bums out there that just love Bay's movies because love him or hate his guts the man continues to be one of the most sucessful directors of all time. I'm not really crazy about Bay's approach and its apparent in all his movies, the lack of character development and lack of cohesiveness and lack of a good story but if you want to turn your brain off and put your head in a bucket of popcorn and proceed to have an orgasim of the senses than Bay's your man.

  24. Sad sad sad, the troll continues to go on, TF3 worst movie ever and poor cgi?? People are enslaved and can't judge things properly?? Dude, I'm laughing my pants off, where the hell does this troll come from?

  25. @Anonymous 11/03/2011 7:30 PM: calling people "troll" is not cool, is not smart and it's not gonna prove whatever you say either right or as the truth.
    Transformers3 is a sloppy product that didn't deserve an high boxoffice gross for sure. It's Michael Bay most disappointing movie to date.

  26. oh god, say it aint so..... 3 more movies to ruin Transformers? I could write a better trilogy

  27. I hope the next trilogy deals rodamus prime gavatron an unicron.

  28. Idk about you guys but watching tf3 in IMAX 3d was and probably be the most amazing theatre experience I will ever have. I've been a fan of transformers since I was a kid and they were just cartoons and toys, I never dreamed of the series made into real life action movies. And I'm very thankful to have seen that happen. Most of us who love an appreciate transformers were forever blown away the first time we watched each of the three movies. Not once did I pause to reflect on a scene in the movie and say, "that was poor animation, or it looked crappy, everything in every movie looked absolutely stellar. To all those said complained about anything cgi related, please go make something better than what's out now and I'll be happy to (as a person with no idea how the heck to (as a person who couldn't draw let alone render it into an animation) look at it and see if it's better than what the team that made the transformers trilogy has made. Sincerely, a big fan of anything and everything that has and ever will be related to transformers.

  29. @Jesse Landsiedel 11/05/2011 9:42 PM: 1) You are a little kid; 2) You don't play many console and PC games; 3) You don't watch many movies; 4) You are a Paramount or Bay employee defending a bad sloppy work that Transformers3 absolutely is

  30. serioulsy screw all your transformers 3 haters transformers 3 was def the best in the film franchise and the best film of the year.transformers 3 blew me to the edge of my seat in the cinema and many others too and it has now made over a billion dollars and now the 4th highest grossing film of all time just proves michael bay did a good job and pleased us movie goers for sure.michael bay is a genious the man without michael bay they is no transformers 4 sure michael is an explosive director of all time one of those directors that knows how to make a film tht will take movie goers to the edge of their seats, serioulsy to all you haters transformers 3 is gna be number 4 grossing all time film for a very long time to come and the mighty lord of the rings just even got blown out of its number 4 position slipping to 5th.transformers 3 for life and def its gna take film of the year.harry potter has no chance harry potter sucked wen i watched it i fell asleep i was like wtf is this cabbage here.and whether u like it or not haters the transformers franchise film will kip going for as long as it can last go get used to it that in 10 years time u wud have seen transformers 4 and 5.

  31. Transformers is not too much interesting as Avatar was. It is good at all. All the action and characters were really amazing. It is good to see this movie at 3d level.

  32. @Motorcycle Cable 11/08/2011 12:32 AM: Avatar is interesting,what? If you are a very little kid maybe.. Avatar is the biggest movie scam in history but as long as there are enough fool paying money for bad products surely James Cameron will keep making bad movies.

  33. is this really true?im waiting for this :)))))

    @Motorcycle Cable: waht the hell,avatar is not that interesting..

  34. Here is the cast for the 4th film

     Tyrese Gibson as Major Robert Epps
     Paula Patton as Amy Williams
     Jeremy Renner as Sgt Harold Lincoln
     Lester Speight as Hardcore Eddie.
     Ray Park as Liutenent Hawk
     Josh Duhamel as Major William Lennox
     Taylor Negron as Phil

     Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime
     Leonard Nimoy voices Sentinel Prime
     Peter Renaday voices Ultra Magnus
     Colleen O'Shaughnessey voices Override
     Richard McGonagle voices Trailbreaker
     David Kaufman voices Hound
     James Remar voices Sideswipe
     Dwayne Johnson voices Cliffjumper
     Phil LaMarr voices Windcharger
     Robert Foxworth voices Ratchet
     John Turturro voices Mirage
     Sunstreaker
     Neil Ross voices Kup
     Aerielbots
     James Avery voices Silverbolt
     Anthony Anderson voices Slingshot
     David Alan Grier voices Fireflight
     Richard Green voices Skydive
     Sky Shadow
     The Wreckers
     Ron Bolitta voices Roadbuster
     John DiMaggio voices Leadfoot
     Bill Faggerbake voices Topspin
     Michael Clarke Duncan voices Omega Supreme
     Lance Henriksen voices Shockwave
     Hank Azaria voices Blitzwing
     Robin Atkin Downes voices Cyclonus
     Kim Mai Guest voices Ratbat
     Brad Garrett voices Octane
     Richard Doyle voices Scourge
     John Dimaggio also voices Dirge
     Ramjet
     Vanessa Marshall voices Slipstream
     Combaticons
     Onslaught
     Swindle
     Vortex
     Blast Off
     Treadshot
     Bombshell
     Trypticon

  35. leave bay as the DIRECTOR!!!!! all i want is unicron, omega, combiners,dinobots,quentesstins, hotrod,rodimus,galvatron,the rest for g1(season 3-4)!!!!
    please then i will be goood!!!


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