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More Sam Related Story Points

PhillyFilmGirl, who has provided multiple videos from the Transformers Princeton set, provided more information on the the story points that was being filmed in the Pennsylvania.
heres the whole story of why he read the book so fast IN the video i posted
-he gets some sort of a box, he touches it, it zaps him
-all of a sudden in class (which is a large lecture hall) he goes crazy saying whats wrong in the book and drawing symbols all over his notes and on the board
-i myself have held and seen the astronomy book, its pretty big
-he calls mikaela freaked out, thats where the video comes in
-from there, he tells her on the phone in another location, 'dont touch the box' so i guess thats what did it to him
-then he draws a lot of symbols and i guess it leads him to the final battle and drawing symbols
he also meets another girl, alice who turns out to be evil and is trying to get all up on him at a party, bumblebee crashes the party and here is the conversation sam has with a frat brother
"hey freshmen!" frat bro
"yea?" sam
"is that ur car parked there?"
"what car?"
"the yellow one on the bushes"
"oh my friend just went to get u a tighter shirt"
"there is no tighter shirt i checked and you dont have any friends...say how about if i park my foot up ur ass!"
"what size shoe are you?"
sam then stumbles on some bushes outside the party, gets in the car with alice (that girl i mentioned)
bumblebee doesnt like her (hence that video with the spinning stop we saw), she gets out with goo on her because of bumblebee
then later alice is seen in a courtyard all meniacle looking after some sort of explosion and the trio are running from her

oh yea, he gets a new roomate at college and his name is leo - leo knows or figures out about transformers and they basically kill that new saturn...i think it gets split in two and placed up high on a ledge in a warehouse/factory place, and theres explosions
thats some of what i know happens, hope that helps, this is all the truth

the parents are in france...something bad happens there they all observe a tv in a open air market and people are crying (an old woman is even wearing a biret), a building collapses, and people are fleeing from it and then we see a transformer in france hunting down the parents or protecting them, i dont know

shia gets strangled by megatron too...we will see megatron's hand strangle him
As the various links I threaded through her story show, there is video corroborating much of what she describes.


  1. Even Megatron can withstand the AllSpark! He will return!


    ye.. i'm a con-freak, hope i'm not the only here.

  2. It seems like this is going to be a pretty long movie

  3. And this "PhillyFilmGirl" would be a casual teenager that by chance managed to get so many details because she is so clever, uh ?
    Yeah, sure.
    The only logical possibilities are:
    1) She is from the production, marketing staff spreading details to hype the movie
    2) She is from the production and she is paid to spread some true details and some fake ones mixed together

    There are no other options. Either she is saying the truth or not I'm 99% sure that she is no casual girl.. well, if there is just a girl behind that nickname, who knows how many employees are actually using it ...

  4. I really don't want to be bothered with villainous college girls in my FUCKING ROBOT MOVIE.

    It sounds cheap and necessary!

    I bet the attack on Sam by "Megatron's hand" will be a hallucination or a dream, similar to what happened to his great grandfather.

  5. cheap and UNnecessary!

    My bad. This movie sounds like it's going to be harder to follow than the first, lol.


  7. A few of you may be skeptical, but I was on set the entire time at Princeton, and know some people who were extras in Philly. I can personally back up about 75% of what PhillyFilmGirl is saying.

  8. selective realism9/07/2008 12:09 AM

    Megatron returning = good

    Bad comic concept "The Fallen" = bad

  9. "My bad. This movie sounds like it's going to be harder to follow than the first, lol."

    You must be a huge dumbass if you couldn't follow the first film.

  10. PhillyFilmGirl9/07/2008 12:48 AM

    trust me, im just a girl, a very clever one that loves movies and knows very well how to sneak around...i think its hysterical that i busted into a 250million dollar movie set and figured out so much...wait til the movie, ur gonna be saying sorry, or damn, that girl is good!

  11. The "details" are a rundown of everything we already heard before in other news. Except for the Megatron bit which sounds totally bogus and out of place.

  12. Actually, anonymous, I had no issues following the first film. I couldn't SEE what was happening from time to time, but that's not what I mean.

    There were too many posts all over the place after the movie asking why "this happened" and "that happened." People are still posting questions on IMDB about the first movie because of it's less than solid plot.

    You must be a dumbass if you don't realize that too many people had questions about that movie than they should have. It's not a stretch to consider that it was hard to follow.

  13. Hard to follow from with part? Realy, how stupid people have to be, to get lost by the plot of TF (first) movie?

  14. How stupid must you be to not notice any of the numerous plot holes that people kept talking about afterwards.

  15. maybe alice is a pretender and that one frenzy looking is her? bet nobody thought of that

  16. "You must be a dumbass if you don't realize that too many people had questions about that movie than they should have. It's not a stretch to consider that it was hard to follow."

    Not following the movie and being aware of the plotholes are two different things, dude. If you're aware of the plotholes, then you understand the story well enough to know certain info that should've been there are missing.

    Try re-wording your post next time so someone won't misinterpret it and call you a dumbass. ;)

  17. @TechnoChef: Unless you got some drugs or you were drunk there is no way you couldn't follow and understand Transformers movie. Nothing is confused in the movie. It's a fast movie yes, but if you watch it properly, which means an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray version (if you didn't watch it in a theatre) and on a large 46", 52" or larger screen or with a projector, there is no way you couldn't follow it and understand everything.
    It's all clearly explained in the movie, there are no major plot holes nor any serious mistakes.

  18. omg! Have you seen this? (not sure if the embed worked, so I'm placing the http as well.)

  19. lmao.. lambo_lover.

    that is so fake. it's just a bunch of clips from other movies (i even recognized few of the scenes) put together.

  20. You must have been drunk when you read my post because I clearly stated:

    "Actually, anonymous, I had no issues following the first film. I couldn't SEE what was happening from time to time, but that's not what I mean."

    Sober up, anonymous. The camera shaking was distracting. Did I put it simply enough for you this time?

  21. well since they were shown to be able to create holograms in TF1, perhaps Alice is a decepticon spy projection.. maybe a little portable robot that has a projector on it that is trying to get info from Sam. Could be why Bumblebee would have noticed something wrong.

  22. The Fallen= Good. Can't wait. In like these plot points.

  23. Here's a few points I'd like to make:

    1)As much as I LOVE all things Transformers, even I will have to admit that were some HUGE plot holes, flaws, and non-understandable things in TF1, as well as the G-1 cartoons. Knowing that, it would only be logical (as well as the shaky cam) that some people may find it hard to follow. That DOES NOT make said people stupid, especially if they aren't familiar with the source material. The film wasn't made for just Transformers fans, but also for the GENERAL PUBLIC, who may or may not be introduced to this whole TF mythos FOR THE FIRST TIME. Technochef, I COMPLETELY understand you, and even though you CLEARLY put a LOL on one of your posts, and explained what you meant, the "anonymous" person still didn't get what you were saying, but then had the audacity to call someone a dumbass. Alrighty then - I think the score's like this:
    Technochef - 10; Anonymous - 0.
    2)The validity of Phillyfilmgirl - I believe what she says as she's been up close and personal with alot of the shooting that has been going on, and for that, I've GOT to give her her due props, as well as TFLIVE. My only pet peeve is that I wish more people would use spell check. It's one thing if you misspell a couple words, or if you are typing while excited, and happen to misspell something, as I've been guilty of that myself a few times; But when it goes on past a couple misspellings, it gets plain hard to read and understand. As far as Megatron strangling Sam, I don't know as I've seen pics of Sam looking like he has 2nd- or 3rd-degree burns on his body, and to me, robot hand+robot strangling human does not equal burns on human's body. We'll see next year. Peace!

  24. Well the admin has used a bunch of my videos from the Philly scenes and I was an extra at UPENN for the party so I can confirm that as well. As for all the other info regarding the movie, its prolly true because when i went to the Princeton shoots and Philly shoots everyone who was working on the movie was extremely friendly except for secuirty. The key grips and other background ops loved talking about the movie.


    there fake trailers but AMAZING!


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