Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Days In Review

It has been a busy day few days in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen news with 22 posts in two days so here is a link fest to make sure you’re up to date. As always though, don't forget to check out the archive section on the left side just in case you might have missed something.

TV Spots and Clips
TV Spots #17-19, New Clip - Three more spots and clip from BD-Live content.
Two Transformers I Deleted Scenes - Two scenes deleted from first movie
Transformers Sightings - Part of viral campaign, Transformers sightings around the world

Premiere Reports and Images
Russia Premiere Videos - Five videos of Bay and cast walking the carpet in Moscow
CGI Twins - Computer generated images of Mudflap and Skids
Movie Stills - Images from the movie, focused on the real stars - Transformers

The Touch in TF2? - Shia Labeouf sings, says The Touch may be used in the movie

Bay Quiting Franchise? No - There is no direct quote stating he is quitting. Bunch of baseless sensationalism.
Third ET Transformers Segment - Another segment from the TV shows where Tyrese talks nicknames
Writers On Writing Transformers 2 - Orci and Kurtzman talk about writing and working on the script post strike.
Film Weekly's Bay Interview - The director talks shop, budgets and expanding his horizons.

Video Games
Two Demo Clips - Two more clips showing off the game in action
Art Director, Producer Interviews - Supposed to be interview with two people that worked on the game

Alliance Bumblebee Review - Another take on the Alternator-like toy.

Bay Makes Guiness Record Book - Bay talks filming the movie and made it in the book for largest explosion
Obama Mention - Bay mentions how he met Obama and incorporated him into the movie.
Transformers 2 Fun Facts - Bunch of info about the technical achievements of the CGI for the film.
Transformers 2 Outselling Star Trek - Movie is outperforming Trek in pre-sales, I expect it to blow by Treks worldwide total in 7 days.
Official Site Updated - Check it out for new games, wallpaper and other activities.
Transformers 2 Tickets Contest - Click the link for details on a contest to win Fandango tickets
Nascar No. 18 Transformers Paint Job - Gallery of images of the car painted in Revenge and M&Ms paint scheme.
GM's Transformers Relationship - Value in the companies relationship with Transformers

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