Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

All is quiet on the Transformers 3 production front so seems like a good time for another linkfest. This week's edition covers more Masterpiece toy news, possible military application of TF concept, galleries and reviews.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Details
The first real Masterpiece toy in years is supposed to be released sometime by the end of the year and new details have shown this could be one of the coolest yet. It seems the toy has been designed to transform not only into Rodimus Prime with trailer/battle station but also into Hot Rod. Click the link above to view a few more pics of what just might be one of the best Transformers yet. Of note is the toy is rumored to possibly be released stateside sometime next year but oddly Hasbro will replace the trailer with a Targetmaster figure. I guess this is to keep the toy in the $50 or so price range.

Power Core Combiner Video Reviews
Peaugh is back with five new reviews of various Power Core combiners. I remain indifferent to this sub-line but for those that enjoy them be sure to hit the links below as may help in deciding which sets to buy and what to avoid.
Double Clutch w/ Rallybots 5-pk | Mudslinger w/ Destructicons 5-pk
Icepick w/ Chainclaw 2-pk | Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint 2-pk | Sledge w/ Throttle 2-pk

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Video from Chicago and Sentinel Prime?

As Transformers 3 production winds down in Chicago, new video and images from the production have popped up online. The first set of images, including this rather odd choice in pajamas for Sam's father aka Kevin Dunn, were taken around Wednesday or so, at about the same times as the photos with John Turturro and Rosie's tight blue dress. The rest can be found here. Speaking of that, the first three videos below are from that same time period. The first is a look at John Turturro along with Alan Tudyk as they follow Shia and Rosie for a scene. The second video is the same moment but looking straight down, while the third video show Sam's parent in green outfits (at least I think its them). Thanks to Mike G. for the links.

After those videos are more from zztopeurope from a few weeks ago as the Transformers parking lot was packing up. Of note is the two black Decepeticon SUVs have been identified as Suburbans (but modified judging by the wheels). Also the security guard at the site (4th video) said the name of the Autobot fire truck is not Rodimus Prime but Sentinel Prime, as the father of Optimus. Sentinel Prime was a creation of the TF comics as the predecessor of Optimus Prime as leader of the Autobots. In War for Cybertron, he was leader when the Cybertronian civil war started and killed by Megatron leading to Prime's ascension. Like most of the TF names, this one will probably not be confirmed until next year. Thanks to zztopeurope and DJ BigTymeBeats for the links.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Detroit Pulls Out the Big Guns, Turturro in House and Street Closures

Three blurbs of Transformers 3 production news from Chicago and Detroit. To start, if had hopes that cast and crew were going to remain in Chicago past September 1st, might as well dash as Jalopnik has posted a small gallery of images that show that crew is in town prepping the Packard Plant for filming. If the big gun/jet engine/beats me is any indication, it looks like the site will be involved in more action pack filming. However, I think the site is considered private property so not expecting quite the view that we occasional got in Chicago. Click here to the other images from the plant.

Back in Chicago, it seems Shia LaBeouf continues to film at "work" as he was spotted yesterday on set in his suit again and flirting with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Carly for some scenes as she was wearing a tiny and tight blue dress. The more significant piece of news is John Turturro is finally spotted on set. Considering what is currently being filmed is probably closer to the beginning of the film then the end, it’s unclear if this proves he will be part of the big finale action sequences of the film or not. Click here for rest of the Daily Mail's gallery but ignore the text as it focuses on pointless gossip and identifies Turturro as "crew". Thanks to Phil for the link.

Last but not least, another street closure notice for today as filming returns to the Old Post Office Building along Van Buren Street.
The movie is using the Old Main Post Office, 433 W. Van Buren Street, for shooting today, and Van Buren is closed between Wacker Drive and Canal Street until 11 p.m. Lanes will be open during rush hour, however, between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., according to the city's Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

Meanwhile, parking restrictions are in effect until 2 a.m. Saturday to facilitate filming of 'Transformers 3" in the area near Wabash Avenue and Washington Street.

The restrictions are:

• Both sides of Wabash from Randolph to Monroe
• The north side of Randolph from Garland to Wabash
• The south side of Washington from Michigan to Wabash
• The north side of Madison from Michigan to Wabash

Set Report, Shia Dresses Up Again

Capone over at Ain't It Cool News was lucky enough to visit the Transformers 3 set at the Lake and Wabash parking lot while Michael Bay and company was flipping a bus last week. The article describes some of the action that was filmed, meeting the producers and crew that are involved in making the film and more. To compound the jealous rage I might be feeling, Capone was able to see a "sizzle reel" that shows off footage from the 1st three weeks in Chicago. Click here for the full article.
...the man knows how to make explosions and action look about as badass as anyone. And this sizzle reel was unstoppable, even without a single robot to be seen. Chicago hasn't looked this stunning on film, maybe ever. But watching it get totaled was just too wonderful for words. Bay showed me this reel personally and stood right next to me while we watched it. He knew it looked great, and it absolutely did. The footage also revealed a few things about plot and characters that I'm not going to spoil, and Bay was pretty open about story details that probably shouldn't be shared, including showing me the entire anamatic on his iPad for the sequence he was shooting that day.

Another, shorter sizzle reel Bay played for me later on a 3D monitor featured footage shot in 3D from the entirety of the shoot (not just Chicago scenes), and that looked insane. The man took the time and figured out how to use 3D to better this film.
Pop Sugar also posted the right image from the set, this time from yesterday with Shia LaBeouf wearing a suit so it seems the street closures along with Sam's parents visiting probably has something to do with his job (I guess at Hotchkiss Gould Investments). So it seems the next day or two may be low key filming as establish his non-Transformers life for the film.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Since news has slowed a bit for Transformers 3 in Chicago, seemed like a good time to catch up on other Transformers toy and other news. Links include the usual gallery of images of upcoming toys including W4C Soundwave, a look at cartoon art, official Transformers: Prime images, five toy reviews and Sideshow Optimus Prime collectible price.

Transformers Artwork
Hit the link to view a gallery of artwork that was shown at Auto Assembly 2010. The art is previous unseen works created for G1, Beast Wars Neo, Robots in Disguise and more. Pretty cool way to see some familiar and unfamiliar designs that helped craft our favorite TF stuff. The "official planetary scale guide" is probably the coolest piece which was used for Transformers: The Movie.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Transformers 3 Related Parking Restrictions, End Date (Updated)

Two new articles from Chicago Breaking News provide official information on when production will wrap and where they will be filming in the city for the next few days. Transformers franchise producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura spoke with the website and said that September 1st is the current last day for production.
"It's funny, we keep extending it here because we're having such a good time, to tell you the truth," Di Bonaventura said. "We were supposed to leave a few days ago, actually, and we kept extending it. Right now, around Sept. 1, but if we have any say in it, we'll keep staying here."

"Last night, I tried to think to myself 'How many cities have I shot in the last seven or eight years,' and I got up to about 118," Di Bonaventura said. "The reason I thought about it was because all of us have felt this was the best city we've ever shot in."
The other article Breaking News reports that parking restrictions will now in effect for filming around Wabash Avenue and Washington Street. It ends on Saturday morning so I guess production will be in that area for the next three days. Thanks to Colin Hinkle for the links.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TF3 Chicago: Hotel 71 Set Prep

All seems quiet on the Transformers 3 production front in Chicago. It does seem that filming in the city is winding down as not much is reported to be going on outside. Tomorrow might bring filming around Millennium Park but no guarantees. Yesterday, production was at the Hotel 71 on Upper Wacker but it seems filming was mostly interior with only the usual set stuff giving any hint they were there. The below pictures are thanks to Colin Hinkle as the lights and crew do prep work around Hotel 71.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Three More Weeks in Chicago? (Updated)

New reports are coming in that Transformers 3 production will stay in the city of Chicago for three more weeks. This info first came from Colin Hinkle and Sam Nickelson over the weekend but it seems closer to confirmed as a new notice went up that production returned to Lake Shore East Park for the next two days at least. The letter to the right is thanks to Jeff at Pixel Rally, which shows that production will be performing more skydiving stunts from helicopters much like TF3's first week in Chicago around Lake Shore Drive with Millenium Park as the landing ground.

In addition, CBS 2 and Chicago Breaking News are reporting that 13 bus routes are being detoured "while crews continue filming for Transformers 3". The rerouting starts today at 7:00PM until Friday 6:00AM. The sites also report there "may be occasional closures at LaSalle Street between Jackson, Adams, Madison and Monroe." Thanks to Ray for the link.

Colin also said that Transformers 3 might have returned to Hotel 71 at Wacker Drive as they are doing something inside the hotel and also prepping in the alley way underneath it. He couldn't tell if what was being worked on involved cast members or TF vehicles as didn't spot either.

It seems a lot of pick-up shots are in the works with the re-visiting of various locations. So to sum up, Transformers 3 will be remaining in Chicago at least through the week with the possibility for another three weeks total. Current info though indicates a week is the more likely scenario.

Update: Jeff provided another picture, this one indicating the planned Lake Shore and Millenium Park shoot from the letter above has been cancelled with possible date change.

TF3 Chicago Weekend Images

Transformers 3 production spent the weekend at the Old Post Office Building and LaSalle Street Bridge filming. Overall, it seemed like a low key filming weekend as didn't find a whole lot about it online. Having said that Sam Nickelson and "ChicageauxTiger" did provide a few pictures for our enjoyment.

Sam was able to verify that the Old Post Office Building was used as the location for the US Department of Health and Human Services. It seems that they have enough of a role in the film that Sam spotted three Hummers and Chevy Impalas bearing the agency's logo suggesting that they are involved in the movie's events in some form or fashion. This is collaborated by ChicagoeauxTiger's photos from TFW2005.com of a red truck being filmed and a rather odd looking contraption spotted at the building's road entrance. Its dual setup and location suggest a rather ominous security purposes. Sam reports that the red truck is part of a Chevy commercial that was being filmed during production, part of the new "Supply and Demand" series that Chevy is producing involving 20 vehicles (and I guess TF3). The rest of photos can be found here.

Florida's Space Coast Transformers 3 Extra's Casting Pre-Prep

Florida's Space Coast Attraction has posted a noticed that they will be looking for Transformers 3 extras and workers to help out while production in town sometime late September. Currently there is no means to actually apply; the notice is more of a heads-up that they will be looking for people soon. From the site:

Transformers 3 will be filming on the Space Coast in late September. A production office will be set up in early Sept and an email address will be given so you can send in your resumes. They are seeking the following positions:

catering, craft service, medics, PAs, electricians, grips, set dressing

Casting for extras will also take place. We are waiting for the Casting Director to give us the info needed for you. Please keep watch on this website for all updates. (updated 8-23-10)
Based on this and previous reports it seems the production order is Chicago, Detroit, DC, and then Florida. (via TFW2005)

Friday, August 20, 2010

TF3 Chicago: Sam Flies with A Friend

Yesterday was the last day for Transformers 3 production at the Wabash and Lake Parking Lot. Yesterday, Sam flew along and today he brought a friend. As the new images and a video from Jeff at Pixel Rally show, it was an exciting day with Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel's stunt doubles flying through the air while NEST troops defend them as pyrotechnics go off around them. Overall, an exciting looking sequence even without the probable CGI Transformers to explain the flying rig. Hit the links below to view the rest of Jeff's gallery and the video.

In addition Colin Hinkle provides more behind the scenes photos from the location as the crew prepped for filming on August 18th along with a new video of the action from Jeff's friend billyripkin.

IDW November Transformers Comics

IDW Publishing has released their publishing plans for November. The month will bring 2 Transformers comic books and 2 trades. If you are interested in the books, just let your local comic book store know. For the full details of IDW's TF and other books including GI Joe, Star Trek, Angel and more click here.

Transformers #13
Mike Costa (w) • Nick Roche (a) • Don Figueroa, Roche (c)
RODIMUS might be impulsive, but he’s not stupid. The last anyone saw of him, he was rocketing off Earth in disgrace and a stolen ship. In this issue we finally see where he went, what his plan was, and which long-absent DECEPTICONS he came up against. Mike Costa and fan-favorite artist Nick Roche deliver a stand-alone issue that sets up the entire second year of the hit ongoing series.
• 2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio • FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Thursday, August 19, 2010

TF3 Chicago: Sam Goes Flying

Transformers 3 production is winding down in the Chicago but that doesn't mean the hard work is over. Wednesday at the Lake and Wabash Parking Lot involved a busy day for Shia LaBeouf's stunt double who was flung all over the set by his arm. My best guess is maybe captured by a Decepticon or something to do with the power glove but really I can't figure it out. They also filmed a brief firefight involving Josh Duhamel and NEST as things went boom. It should be interesting to see what the flinging around becomes once the editors and ILM have a go with the footage.

The pic to the left and first four pictures below are thanks to Colin Hinkle. The next five are a small sampling of pictures from Jeff at Pixel Rally's huge 326 photos that he has posted on flickr. Along with the photos, Jeff also posted 10 videos that show off the various stunt work that was filmed. Hit the links below for both.

Update: Jeff created a third gallery, not new images but if you don't have time or inclination to flip through 300+ pictures, then hit the "Selects" link for 52 pics that give you the highlights from the larger gallery.

Pixel Rally Gallery | Pixel Rally Videos | Pixel Rally Selects

NEST soldiers hanging out at Popeyes chickenthe stunt actors gotta actually do some manual labor

Transformers 3 Returns to Post Office, LaSalle Bridge

Transformers 3 production in Chicago is entering its last week in the city of Chicago. The assumed next destination in Detroit but this has not been verified and locations in Detroit remain unknown. In the meantime, it seems production still has some work to it returns to the Old Post Office Building on Van Buren Street and LaSalle Street Bridge from August 21st to 22nd. This just might be your last chance to watch some of the Bayhem in person. Thanks to zztopeurope for the info.
“Transformers 3” will be filming Friday, August 20th and Saturday, August 21st at several downtown locations, including 433 W. Van Buren Street (Old Post Office) and the LaSalle Street bridge.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TF3 Chicago: Bus, Cars Experience Some Bayhem

Transformers 3 production continues at the Wabash and Lake Parking Lot. The current Bayhem includes a bus getting flopped over from an explosion and a few cars tumbling off the top desk. To the left is another picture from Jeff at Pixel Rally of Sam's power glove with Bay assisted broom power to clean up after the Decepticons. As for the bus and top deck cars, thanks to Colin Hinkle we have a great look at the action including confirmation that Josh Duhamel's character shows up to help Shia and Rosie in some form or fashion.

Also below are two videos, both from Tuesday but not 100% sure. The first one shows the Bus flip that Jeff's friend Bill W. recorded and below that is a video found by Mauricio of the cars going off the top deck. If those pics are not enough, Chiphoto has a sky high view of the carnage on the set that is worth checking out. Thanks to John for the link. No idea if today was the last day at the site or not.

Sam Is Now Playing With Power

It took three movies but Sam finally got his upgrade weapon in the form of a Power Glove, at least judging by these pictures that show him using something on his hand. Don't have a clue how it fits into the movie but I am sure the results will lead to some Bayhem. The pictures and more are thanks to Jeff at Pixel Rally and Colin Hinkle who took them at the Wabash and Lake Parking Deck where Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley where taking directions from Michael Bay. If the glove isn't exciting enough there are also pics of Bay's lunch box, using his iPad to show off stuff and defeating Shia in exercise battle. Also below is a video found by Colin that shows some of the action that was being filmed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TF3 in Gary, Epps Retired?

Leslie Adkins/Post-TribuneWhile not really sure how Transformers 3 spent the weekend, we at least now know they were in Gary, Indiana once again on Monday filming scenes "inside the crumbling City Methodist Church." According to the Post-Tribune, Michael Bay was directing Tyrese Gibson and others (probably NEST), as they "argued about the alien robot war erupting around them."

Really nothing major revealed but a rather odd note from the article identified a change for Tyrese's character as he was called "Retired Master Sgt. Ray Epps." No idea what this means considering we know the character is in the middle of the action and spotted wearing NEST costumes. Does this mean NEST is no longer part of the US military?

TF3 Chicago: Wabash and Lake Set Pics, Video

Transformers 3 production has moved to a parking lot next to Popeye's on Wabash and Lake in Chicago. It seems yesterday was all about prepping the site as the images from Colin Hinkle and video from zztopeurope show. Also thanks to Colin, we now know the plan is to stay film there through at least Wednesday with possibility of parachuting stunts and blowing off cars from the top of the parking deck into the ground. No idea if any of the principle cast are involved but I imagine that if Bayhem is going to occur that the grandmaster himself will be on site.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Transformers 3 At Lake and Wabash

Little quick blurb that Transformers 3 production is alive and well in Chicago. Colin Hinkle provided the picture and news that TF3 is setting up shop at a parking garage at Lake and Wabash Street. It appears they are prepping for a scene involving blow cars off the parking deck. Not sure if this is private property but if the explosions are true, production probably has a huge section around the deck closed off for people's protection.

Morshower Returns, Starscream's Death?, and a Video

photo from Jesse Grant, Wireimage.comTo my knowledge, Transformers 3 production continues in Chicago but going by the lack of news they have figured out a way to do it out of sight of the general public.Having said that, we do have a casting confirmation, rumor about Starscream and the final part of a behind the scene's video.

To start, Glenn Morshower has updated his website noting his role on "the upcoming Transformers 3." Considering that the Chicago videos have demonstrated that NEST plays a prominent part in a lot of the action, to me the only real question is does his character of General Morshower join in on the front lines or continue to command behind the scenes. Thanks to Chris for the link.

The next bit of news comes from a baseball cap store website. According to StricklyFitteds.com, "Hardcore Eddie kills Starscream." This info comes from a blog post on the website with pictures from Lester Speigh (Gears of War) who plays Eddie, a probable member of NEST. In a separate video post (below), clearly taken right in the middle of production at the North Michigan Avenue Bridge, Speigh talks about the website's hats and ends with "I got to go kill some Decepticons." If the rumor of Megatron's death is true, it is safe to say the rest of the core Decepticon cast follows (otherwise just repeating the end of TF1) so not surprised if Starscream dies. What would surprise me is if an unknown single NEST member did it. I suspect that a NEST group with Eddie does participate in taking out Starscream but the kill shot is probably left to Epps or Lennox. Thanks to DJ Bigtyme Beats and John for the link.

Last but not least, Sam has posted the third part of his behind the scenes videos taken along Wacker Drive on July 26th and 27th. The 3 videos show lots of the behind the scenes prep that goes into the filming. At the time it was for bits involving filming for scenes involving Hotchkiss Gould Investments (aka the 7/11) and with the required Bayhem. Part 3 is below. It mostly shows some upside down Bus prep, and helicopter action. If interested in the rest of the series, Part 1 shows off the Decepticon Armored Car and more while Part 2 involves the "police" prep and response to a TF3 related event.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Transformers 3 in Gary, Indiana Again

Nearly four months to the day later, Transformers 3 production returned to film in Gary, Indiana on Wednesday. Filming occurred at the Majestic Star Casino property that officially kicked off principle photography back in April. The Post-Tribune was on hand as they reported some of what was film that included a "snow" scene between Josh Duhamel and a Optimus Prime head topped pole, the economic impact and comments from TF3 producer Lorenzo diBonaventura. No indication on how long TF3 production will remain in Gary. Thanks to Jeff for the link.
A "Transformers 3" film crew spent hours Wednesday in Gary making their next blockbuster movie outside the former Lehigh cement plant on Majestic Star's property. Director Michael Bay could be seen there, leading actors like Duhamel through a scene they filmed again and again.

"We were looking for a place to emulate a foreign country with a series of abandoned buildings," Producer Ian Bryce said. "If you've got lemons, you make lemonade," [Gary's film office's Ben] Clement said. "And if that's the reason they're coming, so be it."

"Transformers" might move their shoot next to City Methodist Church, a crumbling cathedral found at West 6th Avenue and Washington Street. Last year a crew filmed "Nightmare on Elm Street" there.

Clement said Gary is benefitting not because of tax credits but because of its proximity to Chicago. diBonaventura said about 500 people might have been involved in Wednesday's shoot in Gary, and it costs money to move all of them.

"A very important piece of information is revealed in this scene," diBonaventura said. "The movie makes no sense without it."

Requests Denied for Transformers 3 DC Shoot

It seems that the Michael Bay's ambitious plans for filming Transformers 3 in Washington, DC met its match in the form of the National Park Service (NPS). TBD.com is reporting that the three week shoot has now officially become three days, occurring at some point during the week of September 27th.

It was reported that the original plans for the Capital called for a chase sequence with pyrotechnics at the National Mall. The NPS did not like the idea, with a spokesperson saying, "The National Mall is not an area in which Americans come to see high-tech action movies being shot." Negotiations to determine what would and would not be allowed continued with Bay finally getting approval but specifics on what was not provided. As the reduction to three days indicates, Bay clearly did not get approved for much.

[Kathy Hollinger, the head of D.C.'s film office] calls NPS the "most challenging" federal agency to work with.

"We put a lot of energy into this because we knew it would be this huge positive economic impact for the city," she says. "So it was going to be a few weeks, and now it's dwindled to a few days, and it dwindled to a few days because NPS shot down a few of the locations."

The Washington Monument was among those locations, though she couldn't recall the others. A scene planned for the Lincoln Memorial was approved. Park Services spokesman Bill Line's phone was busy during several attempts this afternoon.

"We worked our butts off more than we ever have before, to go as high as we could at NPS, to say, 'This is crazy,'" she says. "It's so frustrating, because it was an opportunity to really show the industry that this could be done in the District, that residents could be hired at a time when a lot of people are out of work. Business could have been booming in the fall."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

More links of Transformers stuff. Below are links to multiple galleries of official images to the next few waves of Transformers, a look at Arcee, War for Cybertron Megatron, and 3 new video reviews from Peaugh.

Official Next Wave Transformers Images
Hit the links below to view official Hasbro pics of the next wave of toys in and out of their packaging. No idea when these will hit shelves but I assume it will be soon. I just can't get into Power Core combiner concept. I think it is because the mini-cons don't transform so doesn't have any value to me. I can't wait until the Generations toys hit the shelves as want every one of em. The Hunt for the Decepticons is basically a repaint fest of the first few waves of ROTF toys but there are a few new molds in the lot (reviews of 2 of em below). Do like the new Voyager packaging though (now if only Hasbro would move away from twist ties).
Power Core Combiners | Generations | Battle Ops Bumblebee
Hunt for the Decepticons | Speed Stars | Activators

Transformers: Generations W4C Megatron
Click the link to view a gallery of images of the upcoming toy. I think it should be hitting stores soon as I have read here and there that Wal-Mart and Target have finally started their Transformers reset for new product.
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