Friday, February 27, 2009

Leader Class Optimus, Megatron and Other Stuff

Yep, sadly just more toys news. On the bright side its more images of Leader class Megatron and Optimus Prime for Transformers 2 toy line, this time without Megs face being blocked like before. The important thing about the leader class is they come closest to representing how the characters will look in the movie (not 100% exact of course) so good for getting some of the details. Thanks to Cenjor for the link. | Optimus Prime eBay | Megatron eBay

Other then the above, here are links to other tie-in toys and products for Transformers 2

Monopoly game | Ratchet Robot Replica | RoTF Robot Heroes | Starscream Robot Replica

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Five Toy Demo Videos

Below are videos that demonstrate five of the toys for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toys. It is a solid way to get a good look at the toys and how they transform. Thanks to Cenjor for the links.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slow News Day: Fan Made CGI Videos

I am bored of toy pictures (at least until new ones are leaked like the Arcee trio) so instead below are three Transformers related videos that Mr. Gandia (thanks!) sent me.

First up is a CGI video of G1 Devastator combining with flare to take in account real world physics of the characters, with real world look (i.e. mostly yellow) that can't fly. The second video is another CGI cartoon this time Prime vs. Megatron with a Generation 1 twist. The last video is Megatron doing a cereal commercial, related to the Prime cereal commercials.

G1 Devastator Merging

Return of Optimus Prime

Megatron vs Cereal Commercial

The entire cereal commercial series can be found here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Voyager Optimus Prime Video Review

Peaugh and co is back, this time with a video review of Voyager class Optimus Prime from the Transformers 2 toy line. It is essentially a repaint of Prime from the first movie with an improved paint job. Also a more pictures of the Fallen toy have popped up online and can be seen here. Thanks to Hugo for the link.

FAB Jetfire, Long Haul, Sideways, etc Galleries

Few new galleries of Transformers 2 Deluxe class toys. From, a two page gallery of pictures of various Deluxe Fast Action Battler size Transformers 2 toys. It is a good look at Jetfire, a re-color of Ratchet, Skids, Rampage, and Bumblebee. I think my favorite of the group is Long Haul mostly because he is the creation of Transformers fan Josh Nizzi, hired by Michael Bay for Transformers 2 thanks to his Long Haul art. Makes me wonder if its just a matter of time for Jester and Jolin. The other gallery is from TFormers for Sideways.

Various FABs | Sideways

Monday, February 23, 2009

Transformers 2 Tie-In Products in Packaging

Via, is a gallery of the odds and ends of some tie-in products for the Transformers 2 toy line like keychains, clip-ons and the like. Rather odd those is there choice to pixilated some of the images so that you really can't tell what your buying much liked the black-out versions of the keychains from the other day. As the image on the right shows though, the keychain is clearly the merge mode of Optimus Prime and Jetfire. Thanks to Phil for the link.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three More FABs Toys, Three More Bios, via, has posted the back of the Fast Action Battler cards for Ratchet, Long Haul (a Constructicon), and Jetfire. Each has a bio that begins with "Around the world, the Autobots battle in secret to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons. Little do they know that an even deeper threat is about to arise..." then gets specific for that character. Of note is verification of Jetfire's character arc of a reformed Decepticon. Pictures are below the bios. Thanks to Katsuhono for the link.

An additional note, the blog logo has been updated thanks to Eoin. Hope you like it, makes it little easier I hope for people to know they landed in the right place for all their movie inforamtion.

Ratchet FAB Bio:
After learning from Ironhide that more Decepticons had been detected on Earth, Autobot Ratchet immediately began research into how best to upgrade his weapons. After two months in his workshop, he developed a new particle beam blaster. Now he needs to find a Decepticon to test it on.
Long Haul FAB bio:
Long Haul never talks, unless he's going to complain about something. The other Decepticons expect him to carry all their stuff, but he'd rather be fighting than transporting a bunch of missiles and laser cannons. He likes to let other robots' gear bounce out of his truck bed, and then tell them it got "lost" on the way.
Jetfire FAB Bio:
After remaining hidden for years, Jetfire is ready to rejoin the fight! He realized the error of the Decepticon way a long time ago. Now, he fights alongside the Autobots, hoping to use his ancient strength to bring his former comrades to justice!

Megatron Leader Class Toy Plus Bio

Joining Optimus Prime and Jetfire as the final Leader class toy is Megatron as revealed by The Arker via through two galleries. While writer Roberto Orci already confirmed it, if he had not, this would be the final nail in the coffin to verify that Megatron returns for the sequel. Even better, the pictures show off Megatron's bio, providing a few secrets about the movie. Below the bio are a few pictures but full galleries are here and here. For unknown reasons, the website chose to hide the face of Megatron. Overall, this I like this version of Megatron better then his previous incarnation. Thanks to Cenjor for the link.
Rebuilt with parts cannibalized from other Decepticons, Megatron rises once again to lead his army. Though the AllSpark destroyed him once, he can now feel its power coursing through his circuitry. It calls him to seize his rightful place as ruler over the puny planet on which he was imprisoned and destroyed, and from which he will launch his conquest of the universe. Optimus Prime is all that stands between him and victory, and the Autobot leader has done a poor job of hiding himself. At long last, Megatron knows exactly where his enemy is, and he has power enough to destroy him.

Toy Fair 2009 Video

From CollectionDX, via is the below video (HD version here) that shows off the various Transformer toys that premiered at Toy Fair 2009 last week. Its a pretty good look at Devastator and component Constructions, Deluxe class, Scout class, and more. As a bonus, towards the end we finally get a demostration of what the Gravity Bots are.

MTV's Spoilers Transformers 2 Clip

Today Spoilers aired on MTV that included about a minute clip of Transformers 2 behind the scenes action that shows people running, things exploding, and bodies flying through the air. Especially fun was seeing moments that we already saw via fan videos and reports from Bethlehem, Princeton and the Queensway Bridge. Thanks to Katsuhono for the line.

Update: Found by b.skow, click here for the YouTube version.

Orci: "Megatron Returns!"

Transformers writer Roberto Orci confirmed that Megatron returns in Transformers 2. His exact quotes are "Megatron returns!...Keep it quiet". I guess this is big news but then the Voyager class toy packaging gave this away already.

What still confuses me is Michael Bay saying Megatron doesn't return. If he said it to fan sites, you can file it under intentional misdirection. However, he apparently said that (love a direct quote to verify) to Empire Magazine and as general rule of thumb it is a bad idea to "misdirect" the press. I get the feeling that both are telling the truth as part of the storyline. Time will tell. Thanks to Michael for the link.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Transformers 2 Release Date Move Officially Confirmed

Via the official Transformers movie website, the rumored move of the stateside release date of Transformers 2 to June 24th has been officially confirmed. Even better, the website has a complete breakdown of the release dates in all major regions worldwide. Thanks to Florian for the link.

Click here to view the release date schedule.

Building Bumblebee Video

Cool video from that shows the construction of the Bumblebee prop at Chicago Auto Show. Thanks to Florian for the link.

Breakaway Video Review

Another video review from GenZhao and Peaugh, via TFW2005, this time of Deluxe Breakaway (still not confirmed if in movie). Thanks to Cenjor for the link.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Whee More Transformer Toy Galleries (Updated)

For those that can not get enough of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen toys, below are three more galleries to look through. Personally, I have seen enough of the current group, I want to get a gander on the Arcee trio, the rest of the Constructicons and the rest of Decepticons. The galleries are for Breakaway (unknown if movie cast), Sideswipe and Optimus Prime (with Chinese characters).

Deluxe Breakaway | Deluxe Sideswipe | Voyager Optimus Prime

Update: Below are even more galleries. Via Movie Chronicles are great pictures of the Fallen toy up on ebay and from new Legends toys (thanks Cenjor for the link).

Voyager The Fallen | Legends Starscream | Legends Ratchet | Legends Megatron | Legends Sideswipe

Transformers 2 Video Games Dated

According to's pre-order page for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video games, the scheduled release date for the games on all platforms is June 16th, 2009. I don't know if this is a stateside only release date or worldwide.

Demolisher Bio Revealed

An eBay auction, found by Master Fwiffo, shows off Demolisher in his package and reveals his bio and official alt mode configuration. To the right is the back of the package but the full gallery is here. As for the bio, its reads:
Demolishor isn't very bright, but he knows when to fight, and when to run and hide. Arriving on Earth to find Megatron destroyed, hiding seemed like the best option. Since then, he's taken a few smaller Decepticons under his protection, and built quite a little community. It hasn't been easy hiding among the humans that creep like a disease over this planet, but he and his companions are content until a new Decepticon leader emerges to guide them back to glory.
Call me crazy, but knowing when to fight and when not to is a sign of intelligence, not lack of. What is important is he clearly lives up to his name in the movie.

GM Launches Autobot Website

GM's "Autobots Rollout" site has officially launched, highlighting their concept vehicles in Transformers 2. Currently the site has its movie related commercial from the Detroit Auto Show and a few pics of the cars including this one that is further proof that Ratchet is in the film, or at least at the White Sands set.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

GM Cars Picked By Bay, Influenced Movie

In an interview with GM VP of Global Design Ed Wellburn, MTV blog reveals that Michael Bay hand-picked the various Autobot alt modes from their concept designs and those designs influenced the movie.
"With the first movie, there wasn’t a whole lot of dialogue back and forth between Michael Bay and myself,” GM Vice President of Global Design Ed Wellburn told MTV News, reflecting on how GM’s relationship with Bay began. “We were building the concept in secret we didn’t want anyone to know, and he was building the movie in secret. He was looking for something special from us, and we showed him a couple of cars.”

“I didn’t want to share with him Camaro unless he told me more about the movie,” Wellburn said. “There was a little negotiating, and then there it was.” The success of the Camaro’s appearance, which helped GM by raising awareness of the newly redesigned car, literally opened some big doors for Bay in “Revenge of the Fallen.”

“When it comes to the sequel, it was different because the relationship had built quite a bit,” Wellburn explained. “Michael came to Detroit, and he and I just walked the studios. He was looking for one, maybe two new vehicles. He came here, and he pretty much had it in his head what the sequel would be. I’ll never forget it. One third of the way through the tour he said, ‘I need a notepad. There are just too many designs that we may want to use in the movie.’”

Some models, like the Beat and Trax, which will appear as the Autobots Skids and Mudflap for “Revenge of the Fallen,” even affected how the characters functioned.

“That day that he visited us and walked the halls of the studios, the movie developed and in some ways changed,” he revealed. “[Bay] was inspired by things like the two small cars that maybe could work together in some way. That’s all I can say right now.”
A question I have is how many concept models did Bay have to choose from? I wouldn't imagine there were not that many, near ready for market, models on the list limiting his options (may explain how Audi entered the picture).

Of note is that near last line "...two small cars that maybe could work together..." From what I have been reading, people have interpreted this to mean the twins might merge together. I guess that could be possible but so far none of the leaked toys and images shows it. However, the Devastator toy has shown that Hasbro is happy to step away from the norm and present merging and non-merging designs for the same character. I think "work together" means less "merge" and more "teamwork". I would think the Twins could work together better than the other Autobots making for some dynamic fight/chase sequences.

Today Show Previews Devastator

Via TFormers, below is the video from the Today Show from yesterday where they showed off a few toys from Toy Fair including Devastator. At the 2:15 point is when the Devastator segment starts and goes for about 45 seconds. At one point the presenter says "...these six vehicles you can do anything with. These are transforming and fun as well." I think the person was confused and didn't realize that the information from Hasbro is there are going to be at least two versions of the Constructicons, those merge (the one in the video) and those that transform but do not merge. Either way, the video gives you a good look at the $100 toy.

Transformers 2 Poster Redux (Updated)

Same poster from the other day, bigger size via TFormers. Still no word if this is an international poster or not. Thanks to minime for the link.

Update: Looking at the various threads and the comments, it seems most fans think the poster is fake as it uses elements of previousily released production pictures and an old render of Optimus Prime. Pretty good arguments, it could be fake, I don't know. So just a reminder, unless it comes from the mouths of someone from production such as Bay, the cast, etc, or from Hasbro (say through toy pics), all information remains purely in the "rumor" column. It doesn't matter how sure we are, at the end of the day it is not like we can call up Bay and go "hey is this true?" so it all comes down to best guesses and possibilities based on the information we have at that moment in time. On June 24th (btw, that move has not been verified officially) we will get to see just how close we were at figuring it all out (and hopefully get blown away by CGI TF goodness to boot). To me the stars on all posters should read "Optimus Prime" and other TF cast not Shia LaBeouf and co.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Autobots At Auto Show Videos

Last week GM debut its fleet of Autobots to the public at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show giving us a good close look at the Chevy Trax (Mudflap), Beat (Skids), Camaro (BB), Volt (Jolt) and Corvette Stingray (Sideswipe). We already got a look at some galleries, but now thanks to Schoop77 here are some videos to go with them.

Direct links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

MTV's Spoilers To Talks Transformers

MTV's next episode of Spoilers will give viewers a chance to get a sneak peak at some Transformers 2 footage including an interview with Michael Bay. From the write-up:
On February 21, at 8:00 p.m. ET, MTV will air the second episode of "Spoilers," a quarterly movie special that will deliver first looks at the year's biggest upcoming flicks, including behind-the-scenes action and exclusive scenes.

Taped in front of a live audience, the second episode will spotlight "Watchmen," and will feature appearances from the entire cast of the eagerly anticipated superhero flick.

Hundreds of die-hard movie fanswill attend MTV News' screening of the film, with the stars walking the blood-red carpet to chat in front of our cameras.

In addition to "Watchmen," the episode will also give viewers exclusive access to scenes from such upcoming blockbusters as "Star Trek," "Land of the Lost," "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and more.
I wasn't able to find the last episode of Spoilers so hopefully Transfans will post the footage online for us to watch. Thanks to Josh for the info.

Alliance and Dinobots #3 Issues Preview

Today Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Prequel Alliance #3 and Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #3 came out in comic stores all over the place. For those on the fence about getting them, below are links, via TFW2005, to previews of each of the issues.

Alliance #3 | Maximum Dinobots #3

First Look: New Transformers 2 Poster (Updated)

Yesterday, a final version of the The Fallen poster was revealed and now thanks to Nige, here is a new poster for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Not sure where it was taken but pretty good looking with Sam and Mikeala running, the Fallen atop a pyramid and Optimus looking bad ass. For whatever reason, the studios often create a US poster and an international poster and this could just be the latter. I guess we will know if it shows up stateside.

Update: I think my poor phrasing above caused some confusion. By "final poster" I was referring to The Fallen face version only where there is the face mostly hidden in shadows, photoshop enhanced version and now as the link above takes you, the full CGI rendered face glaring at you. It wouldn't surprise me if multiple posters are released stateside and elsewhere over the next few months so a final poster in the marketing series for the movie is probably a ways off.

Deluxe Sideswipe Video Review

Mike via peaugh, has posted another review, this time for Deluxe class Sideswipe. Overall, his model is the best of the bunch, solid both in robot and vehicle mode.

You can also get a look at Mike's collection here. Mine blows his away but he has managed to get alot in a very short period of time. At the rate he going, he will pass mine by the end of the year.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fallen Poster Again, ToyFair Q&A

Along with the true visage of The Fallen (sadly pic is that small), The Transformers Club has posted the results of a Q&A held during Toy Fair 2009 buffet held for executives and toy retailers. The Q&A was with Brian Goldner (Hasbro CEO), TF Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Tyrese Gibson, and TF Director Michael Bay.

The Q&A didn't allow recording devices so the results are paraphased so for those that like to parse every word for meaning, tread carefully. Below are a select answers but the full post can be found here.
WC: Michael, the first movie was such an amazing success how is Revenge of the Fallen going to be different?
MB: From learning the mythos, to figuring out how to make the robots transform on the big screen, the first movie involved a lot of discovery. In addition, it was a story about a boy getting his first car and finding his first girl friend. The second movie is a coming of age story, encompassing global issues, and bringing the robots to a new level. If every boy in the world didn’t want a Bumblebee in his garage from the first movie, they will from the second. All of the robots in this film are superhero tough. I’ll tell you I am very passionate about this film.
LdB: Yes, in the first movie, boy gets car, boy finds girl, but this one really explores the idea of responsibility as Sam leaves for college. He thinks he wants to lead a normal college life but finds out some of his decisions don’t work out so well for not only him, but also the whole world.

WC: does this film evolve the mythology?
BG: We all know that everyone is hungry for the next level of mythos, so we really want everyone to wonder what Revenge of the Fallen means.
LdB: It is a very deep mythology and most people just don’t know how deep it is.
MB: Yes, this film will satisfy all types of fans as I have included my trademark humor, more intimacy with the humans and robots, and Moms will think it is safe enough to bring the kids back out to the movies.
TG: The humor often times is created on the spot. Something happens on the set and Michael lets us keep it in the film. I know I still get comments from kids about my “left cheek”. I don’t know if that will ever go away and that was a spontaneous comment that just came out when we were filming the first film.

RA: Special effects software and camera technology have made advancements since the first film. How has this empowered you to further realize your vision for Revenge?
MB: The developments in technology have allowed us to have the robots show emotion. This is a robot movie and this new technology allows us to explore a greater depth of personality from these characters.

RA: No other director has the kind of relationship that you have developed with the US Military. What piece of hardware did you get access to that are you most excited about for this coming film?
MB: It’s like I have a direct line to the Pentagon. This is the first movie where actual F16’s have made a bombing run on a movie set and coordinated with special effects explosions. We were on a working nuclear submarine and working aircraft carrier. The military loved the first movie. It really helped with recruiting and promoting a positive image for them. Now they are happy to do just about anything they can for my films. We also found out that in Afghanistan the Buffalo(s) (Bonecrusher vehicle from the first movie) have all been nicknamed different Transformers characters by their personnel. We also worked with tanks firing real rounds and you have not lived until you have heard an actual tank firing. We have so much access - I am appreciative and excited about all the military vehicles we use.

RA: Filming at the pyramids must have been amazing! What were the greatest challenges you faced?
MB: This is the first time in 30 years that anyone has filmed at the pyramids and the first time ever anyone has filmed from the top of Petra. Steven filmed Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade from the base of Petra. It took 21 very heavy helicopter loads to get all our gear to the top. We had all the access we wanted in Egypt as we found out that the head of Egyptian Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass is a big Transformers fan and was very helpful. We also filmed in the desert where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. Very challenging conditions.
Thanks to Chris for the link.

Skids Bio Revealed

When is G1 Wheelie probably not going to be Wheelie? When he is Skids judging by the back of the card bio on the character from
Because he is slightly less hyperactive than his brother MUDFLAP, AUTOBOT SKIDS has always thought of himself as “the smart one.” He likes to point this out at every opportunity. While MUDFLAP zips around like a maniac, AUTOBOT SKIDS prefers to impress his superiors among the AUTOBOT high command by behaving in a way he thinks of as mature, which usually involves talking nonstop about anything that occurs to him.
Yeah, more I see and read about Mudflap and Skids, the more concerned I become. With these two characters, how much we like them will rely nearly 100% on the voice work so can't wait until those casting notes are revealed. Thanks to Chris for the information.

Autobot "Special Programs"? and Other Toy Stuff

A few new toy galleries have popped up online. The most interesting is new images of the Transformers 2 toy line version of Ironhide, who is now a NEST vehicle. Additionally he has a new decal on the side that suggests NEST is part of a "Special Program" that is a union between the Autobots and the United Nations, complete with red hat. I guess that explains what forces Captain Lennox and Epps will be leading. The full gallery of Voyager class Ironhide is here.

Next are a few pictures from of the Voyager class Optimus Prime with a lightly different paint job that shows Chinese character on the toy, I guess part of his disguise while in Shanghai hunting the Decepticons Demolisher and Sideways. That gallery is here.

Last are a few more images of the Fast Action Battler Megatron and Double Blade Optimus Prime. That gallery is here.

Trailer Slo-Mo Videos

One of the fun things about Transformers is the huge amount of detail that quite literally goes into every frame. ILM could take shortcuts that in most cases our brains would never pick it up, but as the slo-mo videos derived from the teaser trailer show, that just isn't how they roll.

This first video from James (thanks!) is a nice slo-mo video that shows off The Fallen's appearance in the trailer as he appears instantly among a group of soldiers. You can also download that video from here. So much for him appearing from underground.

This next video from Planet Lynx is derived from 101 photos that shows Demolisher transforming. It really highlights just how much like a spider he looks as he unfurls and attacks.

The Audi Gets A Name

In a new crop of official images for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy line, revealed at Toy Fair 2009, comes an accidental reveal on the name of the mysterious Decepticon Audi R8 seen all over the place during filming, in the trailer and in sneak toys. As the package on the right shows, his official name is Sideways (yep the same name dropped in the Toyfare article).

What does this mean for Barricade since the theory that the Audi was a reformat is now out the window? And why no Arcee toys at Toyfair? What secrets is that character hiding?

The full gallery of new images including more Deluxe class toys in packaging, Bumble Spud and others, click here.
Thanks to Chris for the information.

Monday, February 16, 2009

HD Transformers 2 Teaser Trailer

The HD version of the Transformers 2 teaser trailer is finally here for us to pour over.

HD: Yahoo! Movies | YouTube
Download: Michael Bay | Sci-Fi Guide

Movie Stills/Analysis: Planet Lynx ameywake | Empire Online

Below are some stills that Mauricio and Chris provided. I especially like the way Demolisher unwraps, strikes, and looks just like a spider. The Fallen is smaller than I expected, but that just means the mano-o-mano fights will be vicious. Hate to break it to people but as the still shows, that is Jetfire, with landing gear cane about to get jumped by Scorponok. Still not sure how I feel about unicycle trinity of Arcees just too soon to reach a conclusion. The second to the last picture is Demolisher living up to his name as Prime (truck mode) arrives to try and stop him.

The spider unwrapsThe spider unwrapsThe spider unwrapsThe spider unwrapsThe spider unwrapsThe spider unwrapsThe spider unwrapsSix protoforms land in EgyptBumblebee close-upBB rolls like thatScorponok attacks the JetfireTrinity of ArceeSatellite dish on a bugThe Fallen strikesOptimus to the rescueDecepticon's revenge

Thanks to everyone for sending in all the links and pictures.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fallen Toy Video Review (Updated)

Well less update and more entire replacement of the original post. Instead of the music video that shows off The Fallen, I replaced it with the video review below from peaugh, who have been reviewing all the leaked Transformers 2 toys. He (or Mike) have now added the Voyager class of The Fallen to their collection and tell us about it. Nothing against the music video, I just find the review much more informative and figure blog readers will too. The toy comes across as bland as Megatron did in the first movie, but I am betting the CGI version will look awesome.

Keychains Reveal Prime, Jetfire Merge?

Optimus Prime, Jetfire Combined ModeTFW2005 has posted four pictures (mostly blacked-out) whose silhouettes indicate what characters they could be. One of them (left) seem to verify that that Optimus Prime and Jetfire have a combined mode complete with wings, boosters and a large gun, must like what their Legends class counterparts indicated.

The other key chains look to be Starscream, Megatron, and Bumblebee. That is two classes of Transformer 2 toys that show the combined mode which makes me wonder what other classes it will extend to and whether or not that mode is used in the movie.


More Toy Fair 2009 Galleries

Toy Fair 2009 continues in New York and the galleries continue to pile up online. While not as good as the first day galleries with Devastator and company, these are still interesting Transformers 2 tie-in products.

The first is some cool images of the various Transformer related displays put up around the Javitz center put up by sponsors, some congratulating the Transformer brand for 25 years of success. The full gallery is here.

Another brief gallery is showing off the new Transformer movie themed backpacks from F.A.B. Starpoint. Those images can be found here.

Next are official shots of some of the toy lines sub classes like the Robot Heroes, Power Bots, Gravity Bots, Robot Replicas, RPMs, and more. That gallery can be found here.

Last is the more off the wall tie-in products like, Bumble Spud and an All Spark Rubik's cube. Those images are here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toy Fair Reveals Devastator and Other TFs (Updated)

Devastator $100 versionToy Fair 2009 is on at New York and multiple sites are putting up huge galleries of pictures of toys for the Transformers 2 toy line (see below) including Devastator (yep the picture was accurate), Mudflap, Skids, a new one called Breakaway and many more. All very cool.

As far as Devastator goes, there are three versions planned. The first is the $100 version where the six individual Constructicons do not have robot modes, just vehicles mode that reconfigure to form the gestalt (think Voltron). That Devastator will be 2 feet high and about 4 feet wide. The next is the individual Constructicons that do have robot forms but cannot merge. The last is the PowerBot that doesn't really transform, it’s the Devastator look on the front and the individual vehicles painted on the back.

Breakdown of the six constructions:
     Demolishor - red O&K/Terex RH400 Hydrolic Mining Excavator (torso)
     Rampage - yellow Caterpillar 992G Front Loader (right arm)
     Long Haul - green Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck (right leg)
     Mix Master - silver Mack Cement Mixer (head)
     High Tower - yellow Kobelco CK2500 Truss Crane (left arm)
     Scrapper - yellow Caterpillar D9L Bulldozer (left leg)

As you can see, the RH400 from the trailer gets an official name. Overall the leak back in October was on the mark on the Constructicons except for the duplicate dump truck which now seems to have been a potential alt design for Long Haul.

I don't know if the two aerial Autobots, Breakaway (F-35 Joint Strike Fighter) and Springer (V-22 Osprey), are movie characters. Below are select pictures from the various galleries. For the highlights of Hasbro's plans for their various Transformer lines click here.

Galleries: TFormers | The Allspark | TFW2005 | More TFormer pics (over 100 pics) | (100s of pics) | Transformers Club

Long Haul, Devastator's right legHigh Tower, Devastator's left armMix Master, Devastator's headScrapper, Devastator's left legRampage, Devastator's right armScavenger, Devastator's bodyRampage robot modeDevastatorDeluxe MudflapDeluxe Mudflap, Chevy TraxDeluxe SkidsDeluxe Skids, Chevy Spark/BeatDeluxe BreakawayDeluxe Breakaway, jetLegends SpringerLegends Springer, V-22 Osprey)

Thanks to Elis and Boo for the links and pictures.
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