Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week In Review

Another busy week, so another summary sheet to help you catch anything you might have missed.

TV Spots and Clips
TV Spots #14-16 - The march of spots continue.
TV Spots #17-19, New Clip - Three more spots and clip from BD-Live content.
TV Spot #20 - Its more clip then commercial and spoils the fate of a character.
Wheelie Clip in HD - "Your Worse Nightmare" clip in HD glory.
Kitchen Bots Clip - Click to watch an extended clip that shows kitchen bots going on a rampage at the Witwicky home
Two Transformers I Deleted Scenes - Two scenes deleted from first movie
Transformers Sightings - Part of viral campaign, Transformers sightings around the world
ROTF Theatrical Trailer #3 in HD - The trailer released back in mid-May finally in HD glory.
ROTF Final Scene - Spoiler warning has the very last line of the movie is delivered by Prime.

Premiere Reports and Press Conferences
Berlin Premiere Video and Images - A look at the premiere of the movie in Germany.
Berlin Premiere Video - Another video from carpet with stars answering questions.
Berlin Premiere TV Special - While in German, get a look at the stars and the event in Germany for ROTF
London Premiere Video and Images - More from the premiere in the UK.
London Premiere Press Conference - Long video that shows most of the London Press Conference for ROTF and also videos from the blue carpet at the event
More Blue Carpet London Footage - See even more of the stars as they go to the London Premiere
Russia Premiere Videos - Five videos of Bay and cast walking the carpet in Moscow
US Press Conference Video - Some video of the US ROTF Press Conference and news that the IMAX footage totals about an extra minutes of movie time

Rampage and Sideways CGI - Images of the two Decepticons in CGI
Third Arcee Revealed - CGI view of the third purple Arcee bike.
CGI Twins - Computer generated images of Mudflap and Skids
Megatron CGI Images - Five images that show off the villian in his new form.
Movie Stills - Images from the movie, focused on the real stars - Transformers
Power-up Prime and More - Get a look at the Prime, Jetfire combined mode as USA Today article covers the works and explosions filmed at White Sands for the movie finale.

Samples from ROTF Score and Album - Easy way to sample to music from the albums.
The Touch in TF2? - Shia Labeouf sings, says The Touch may be used in the movie
ROTF Scoring Session - Gallery and description of some of the effort behind putting together the score for the movie.

Isabel Lucas Sky News Interview - The actress talks about high level of attention she is getting and working on the film
Isabel Lucas ROVE Interview - The actress talks about making ROTF on the Australian TV program
Matthew Marsden Nearly Died? - Actor talks about a copter nearly landing on him during filming
Shia's Insider Interview - Quick interview with the actor from the television show.
ROTF Talk Show Schedule - Find out who is showing up where to promote the movie on the talk shows over the next week and half.
Bay Quiting Franchise? No - There is no direct quote stating he is quitting. Bunch of baseless sensationalism.
Third ET Transformers Segment - Another segment from the TV shows where Tyrese talks nicknames
Writers On Writing Transformers 2 - Orci and Kurtzman talk about writing and working on the script post strike
Film Weekly's Bay Interview - The director talks shop, budgets and expanding his horizons
Shia and Megan on French TV Show - Amusing video that shows the two stars talking ROTF and other things
NY Times Interviews Bay - Article that covers why Bay did the movies without mentioning the money motivation
Shia on Tonight Show - Video of the actor's Friday appearance to promote ROTF
Ramon on Jimmy Kimmel - First of many ROTF appearances on the show for the movie.

Video Games
Shia Talks About Game - More a less a sales pitch from Shia Labeouf about ROTF game.
Deep Six Walkthrough - Look at one of the levels of the game.
Multi-player Walkthrough Video - Watch a multiplayer session from the game.
Two Demo Clips - Two more clips showing off the game in action
Art Director, Producer Interviews - Supposed to be interview with two people that worked on the game
Game Opening and Breakaway Training - Even more clips from the game.
Launch Trailer - Look at the games's launch trailer that shows off lots of game cinematics

More Toy Galleries - Images of Grindor, Scorponok, various knockoff and Dune Runner.
Ice Cream Truck Twins, Dead End Gallery - Images of the upcoming toys in packaging.
Ice Cream Truck Twins and Arcee Reviews - Video review of the toys.
Human Alliance Sideswipe Gallery - Pictures of the toy.
Alliance Bumblebee Review - Another take on the Alternator-like toy.

Early Reviews - A not strong start for the film as many found it entertaining but lacking in many areas
More Reviews - yep more mixed reviews talk ROTF
We Are Autobots Site Launches - New site that uses Augmented Reality to put a Prime head on yours using a webcam.
Bay Makes Guiness Record Book - Bay talks filming the movie and made it in the book for largest explosion
Obama Mention - Bay mentions how he met Obama and incorporated him into the movie.
Transformers 2 Fun Facts - Bunch of info about the technical achievements of the CGI for the film.
Transformers 2 Outselling Star Trek - Movie is outperforming Trek in pre-sales, I expect it to blow by Treks worldwide total in 7 days.
Official Site Updated - Check it out for new games, wallpaper and other activities.
Transformers 2 Tickets Contest - Click the link for details on a contest to win Fandango tickets
Nascar No. 18 Transformers Paint Job - Gallery of images of the car painted in Revenge and M&Ms paint scheme.
GM's Transformers Relationship - Value in the companies relationship with Transformers
BD-Live ROTF Content Breakdown - A more detailed description of the extra content available to owners of Blu-ray Transformers
Life Size G1 Bumblebee - A fan's love can go far as this labor shows for the classic Bumblebee
Transformers Voice Cast? - Possible confirmation on the new members of the movie voice cast which for unknown reasons has been really hard to nail down.

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