Thursday, May 14, 2009

RoTF Junior Novelization Spoilers

"Cth" over at TFW2005 has posted a summary of the The Last Prime and junior novelization of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. This does not include the official novelization that is coming out in the next week or so which would probably have more details. Below is a very spoiler filled portion (which you have to highlight read) but the full and detailed and story spoiling summary is here. The novelization does conform to most of the information we have but in some areas it does diverge slightly, to be expected since novelizations are usually based on a late draft of a movie script that doesn't reflect changes made just before, during or after production.

The links reference set reports and the like that seem relevant to the description. It is not complete as just did a skim of all the previous posts to find them but figure at least somewhat useful in making connections about the film.

- The Allspark created the first 13 Transformers called the Primes. Needing energy, they created the Matrix of Leadership which powers the Sun Harvester. This in turn takes energy from the sun so the Primes vowed not to take that energy from a sun that provides life to its worlds after finding life on Earth via early man.
- One of the Primes, The Fallen, wanted the power to himself so the other Twelve hid themselves and the Matrix from him.
- NEST (Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty) searches for Demolisher and Sideways in Shanghai. The team of Ironhide, Sideswipe, the Twins, Lennox, and Epps find them. Sideswipe stops Sideways. Demolisher (with explosions), defeated, says The Fallen providing the Autobots with something they didn't know before.
- US, explained the Mission City fight blamed on a robotics company. Meanwhile Sam packs for college and Mikaela is uneasy about a long distance relationship. While packing the Allspark shard falls, burns through the floor and activates six appliances, which Bumblebee destroys by destroying the kitchen. The shard is given to Mikeala who stores it in her father's shop, which Wheelie sees.
- At Nest HQ, discussion of Shanghai and other tops leads to Soundwave discovering location of Megatron. Ravage and the Doctor are sent to retrieve the shard from NEST HQ (not sure how got form Mikeala to there).
- Sam, not at college meets Leo who is a conspiracy nut that runs whose competitor is Robo Warrior. Sam meets Alice, they go to a party and Sam starts seeing symbols. Bumblebee's car alarm goes off, two leave in him. BB got Sam to take him to meet Optimus at a cemetery so stops the car and douses her with antifreeze. Sam told shard has been stolen and they still need his help.
- Ravage and Doctor take shard and use it to reboot Megatron (trailer indicates this is completely changed).
- While in Prof. Coulon's class (Rainn Wilson), Sam starts speed reading, ranting Einstein being wrong and so forth. Gets kicked out of class, goes to the library and find a book on his grandfather.
- Megatron, once revived goes to Mars and meets Starscream and the Decepticons waiting there with the Nemesis (Decepticon ship, counter to the Ark from the G1 days). The two talk to the Fallen about re-creating the AllSpark using the Sun Harvester and Matrix which Sam now has the location of. Megs and Starscream leave with 15 additional Decepticons for Earth to find Sam.
- Back to Mikaela who find Wheelie spying, befriends him, find out why he wants the shard and goes off to find Sam. She walks in just as Alice making a move to kiss Sam. Alice reveals her pretender status and starts chasing after Leo, Sam and Mikaela (the Frenzy-like robot, all the car footage from Princeton). A chase ensues and they stop Alice by smashing her between the car and a pole.
- Drive off, now getting by a helicopter (Blackout) and then cornered by Megatron and Starscream in a factory. The Doctor is about to torture Sam for info when Optimus and Bumblebee comes to the rescue. The fight between Megatron and Prime moves to the forest area outside the factory where Starscream and Blackout join the fight. Prime takes on all three, the fight ends after Megatron severely wounds Prime with a spike from behind just before being chased off by Ironhide, Ratchet and the Twins.
- Unable to find the hidden Sam, Soundwave broadcasts a message from Megatron saying either give up Sam or cities start getting destroyed. Sam's parents on vacation in France, see the message (and later attacked).
- Trying to learn more from the Sam's symbols, they contact Robo Warrior who turns out to be Simmons working at his mom's deli. Sam, somehow, knows that Megatron wants a new power source already on earth that the Autobots don't know about because it pre-dates them. Mikaela still has Wheelie so the question him and learn that 10 Seekers are on Earth and he helps them find Jetfire.
- Jetfire translates the symbols and uses his ability of wormhole transportation to bring everyone to Egypt and gives them the background on the Sun Harvester and Matrix and that a Prime can only defeat a Prime (the Fallen). Prime is still wounded but the Matrix could heal him.
- While Prime is being brought to Egypt by Lennox, Sam and co think the Matrix is in a tomb (Petra). It is found behind a wall after a whole is accidently put into it (by the Twins). The Matrix, now dust, is collected into Sam's sock.
- Autobots attacked as they try to get back to Prime's location, Fallen appears on the scene, Constructicons form Devastator and Megatron determines the location of the Harvester (the Pyramid).
- Meanwhile, Sam gets nearly blown up and knocked out. He dreams of the 12 Primes, they give him a speech about destiny and he comes to with a reformed Matrix which he plunges into Prime, both repairing Prime and passing on his knowledge.
- Fallen teleports in, grabs the Matrix, teleports to the Pyramid and powers up the Harvester. Jetfire sacrifices himself to provide the parts Prime needs to get back to fighting shape which Ratchet helps facilitate.
- Simmons provides the Navy with Devastators coordinates, essentially destroying him. The Harvester fires towards the sun, Prime deflects the blast, hitting Megatron and Starscream who later escape. Optimus fights Fallen, using the parts of the harvester as a bludgeon. The Fallen teleports to escape but Optimus uses the Matrix to stop him and toss him into a new wormhole, defeating him.
End spoilers. Please keep the comments civil.


  1. HOLY $H!T---thank you so much ADMIN!!! THANK YOU!!

  2. Where are the bike-bots?

  3. I don't believe any of it, sounds like all fan fiction,
    Various reasons:
    never mentions the constructicons going underwater 2 revive megatron,
    or anything about mixmaster up on the bridge,
    soundwave doesnt make it 2 earth,
    doesnt explain how the fallen gets out of the dimension that he was trapped in (from the comic), demolisher dies? So does this verify theres a look-a-like named scavenger?
    What about the protoforms in egypt we saw getting destroyed in egypt in the trailer?
    What about megatron ripping off starscreams arm on the building?
    The shard fell on the dorm floor, we clearly saw that in the trailer, not THROUGH the kitchen floor,
    I think stratosphere would be a much more logical transport to egypt, as opposed to stepping through a magic portal,
    no mention of jolt,
    arcee and chromia? where are they?
    I'm sure the constructicons have a much larger role than simply combining into devastator at the climatic battle in egypt, I doubt megatron flies out 2 mars 2 regroup with starscream and the team of decepticons, when we clearly see soooo many destructive protoforms landing all over earth, no mention of barricade crashing through the college libary,

    Sorry, I just believe this is PURE fan fiction, nothing more.

    Besides, the movie is gonna be ALOT BETTER

  4. Constructicons United5/14/2009 3:47 AM

    FAKE!!! F-A-K-E!!! Good teaser though, but I agree, the movie's going to be WAY better than that fan fiction!!

  5. TheParentsAreVeryIrritating5/14/2009 3:47 AM

    After gathering info from a few users that have read it or skimmed it I will say this.....No offense Scorpio but most of your "info" had nothing like this kiddie novel has. I'm sure that the big boy novel will blow your little spoilers away in a few days. This needed to be said and I feel Scorpio will become a better person for having read it ;)

  6. Doesn't sound very legit to me...

  7. sorry, not buying ANY of it

  8. WontTolerateIgnorance5/14/2009 3:56 AM

    "Sorry, I just believe this is PURE fan fiction, nothing more."

    Have you been following the blog Anon @ 3:45?

    #1..The spark through the floor creates the kitchen bots from the coloring book
    #2..The treatment the author had was older than the revised version where the Constructicons revive Megs--that would explain why no mixxy on the bridge
    #3..Demolishor DOES die and the look-alike is Scavenger who gets the vehicle scan from Soundwave to form Devvy
    #4..THE GUY DIDN'T GIVE US EVERYTHING---JEEZ!!! I bet if you read the book it would talk about the girls and the Megs/Screamer battle.
    #5..c'mon--really it's a junior novel of the film---it won't discuss the imprisonment of the Fallen--too complicated for this book---I'm sure it will be in the next one

  9. Even if it's not a 100% legit, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these things end up in the movie.
    Does Junior novel mean a "kids" version of the story? Then I can very well understand why they put somethings out of it compared to the movie, I remember the old tape-book thingie with Jurassic Park which differed massively from the movie.

    I'm really longing for this movie.

    And yes, its time for me to confess, I was totally wrong about Ravage being Alice. :)

  10. I think it's 80% legit...sort of like an initial thing thing which is released as a kiddie novel variation story or what ever. I think that the general outline will be the same with some changes like instead of ravage and the doctor reviving megatron, the constructicons will, and more.

  11. Matrix of Scholarship5/14/2009 4:02 AM

    What is with all this legit/not legit talk. It seems like some people are confused that this is a novel based off of an older treatment. That doesn't make it FAKE it just means that only the film will give you the REAL ending--this one was for younger people---the movie's real ending will probably be MORE tragic--I hope :)

  12. Dont burn me for this, but i think the idea of a "13" and other primes is really gay, it might be cool from a mega G1 fan or what ever but it sounds gay and cheesy, itll just put the general audience off

  13. Yeah they pull that 13 crap in loads of films its just getting old

  14. The history of the Primes is not gay. And if it's done correctly in the movie there is no reason why the general public shouldn't like it.
    What I hope is that Bay will make Devastator appear twice during the movie and not just at the ending and that it won't be easy to destroy. I'd like to see Devastator destroying a whole town and such.. although being it the most expensive CGI ever for ILM to create it's hard to tell if they managed to have it appear more than once.
    I would have liked to see the Aerialbots in the movie anyway, to see Prime having to sacrifice himself to let them live and having Superion defeating Devastator and the Fallen...

  15. you may not like the 13 but its in the history books of G1. im glad the writers mention G1 history of coures out of context but hey at least its in the movie.

  16. Im 14th! woohoo!

  17. I life...woohoo!

  18. i buy most of it, and say "meh."

    i don't want prime mythology, i want a person's merits being defined by what they do, not a "legend" that makes them all powerful to fill in plot holes.

    in any case my hopes of a great story are dashed, but will go for some cool robot fighting scenes so they have my money.

  19. THE REAL EFFING DEAL SAID...I hope tthe movie doesnt end in a cliffhanger like the above!!!!

  20. Also the matrix mustve been that weird shaped object picked up in the trailer

  21. oops.....sam picked up

  22. How do the Constructicons get from the bottom of the middle of the ocean to Egypt?




  23. Yay wheelie joins the good guys awwwwwwwwww Mikalia befirends him so SHE is the reason why wheelie switched sides I dont blame him Fox is HOT

  24. also Most of it is ture look at the coloering book Wheelie and Mikila in the same scene the rest are not excatly true but this DOES confirm Jetfires ability to create wormholes which is cool.

  25. sucks that jetfire dies but good to hear more history of transformers and more robot fighting and more robot talking dislike the humans in movie oh well.

  26. The Primes are not legend. The thirteen originals concept is far from lame or cheesy.
    It's one of the best origin stories in the TF universe.
    Remember Vector Prime is one of them. and he is probably the strongest Transformer period. He's the only one besides Primus who can handle Unicron's power.

  27. Geez, you people are retarded. This isnt the script for the film..its part of the book. Im sure a lot of this stuff is accurate for the movie. TO the poster who asked about knocking the flag off etc.....THIS ISNT SUPPOSED TO BE THE WHOLE STORY....DUH. Its excerps from the book. I bet a lot of this is part of the movie, but some will be different obviously. Seems to fit in with a lot of the trailer peeks etc. Seem like a pretty good storyline as well. Excited to see it for sure. My god though, it isnt supposed to be the movie script. Its like 5th graders debating on this site sometimes. Go grab a girls boob for the first time.

  28. - The Allspark created the first 13 Transformers called the Primes. Needing energy(For What?) they created the Matrix of Leadership which powers the Sun Harvester.(how would they know they would need a matrix?) This in turn takes energy from the sun (For What?) so the Primes vowed not to take that energy from a sun that provides life to its worlds after finding life on Earth via early man.
    This is obviously badly written/Just for kids.

  29. @Essex..:

    "Prime is a rank of highest distinction in many Transformers continuities. Typically, it is used as the identification for the leader of the Autobots, something that is bestowed only on those that carry the Matrix of Leadership within them. It is retroactively derived from Primus, the creator of the Transformers.

    With the retcon that Primus is one singular entity that exists (and must exist) threaded through all Transformer continuities, the term Prime is likewise given one singular origin. It was, first of all, the designation granted by Primus to the Thirteen original Transformers created, by his own hand, at the dawn of the physical universe to crew his planetary form. "

  30. @Essex:

    "When Primus first created Cybertron, he created a crew of thirteen living robotic beings to man him. These beings, in imitation of Unicron's transformation abilities, were able to change their forms into the likeness of vehicles, weapons, and machinery. They were the first Transformers and all "Primes". Many of the thirteen died in a cataclysmic first battle with Unicron, where he was sucked down into a black hole and trapped along with his acolyte known as The Fallen, one of the thirteen who had turned against his brothers and joined Unicron. Of those that survived, many abandoned their original functions and were lost to time. Only Vector Prime was known to still be following the path he was set upon by Primus. "

    Do you get it now? Primus is the good Semi-God, Unicron is the evil Semi-God. The 13 Primes were created by Primus originally, they were like angels. The Fallen is a fallen angel, he switched sides and became evil joining Unicron and his forces instead of fighting against them.
    There is nothing bad written nor for kids about all of this. It's not so much different than LordOfTheRings mythology.

  31. I just hope this is fake....
    hated the climax!

  32. hhhhhmmmm not sure on this, sounds like a good plot indeed but doesnt say a lot about other certain stuff like jolt.

    like the plot about the 13 original primes and the matrix of leadership and i hope that might be in the movie, dunno though


  33. "Leo who is a conspiracy nut that runs" <-- wasent that on the back of sam's jacket in the trailer. hmm that might mean that the two are really into conspiracy stuff and sam tells him stuff about it also if you remember at the end of the first after the credits sams parents talk about how the government dosent hide anything from us which seems sarcatic to me.. jus thinking

  34. 5-page preview of the comic-adapation:
    I guess that three bikes are really combiners, forming Arcee.

  35. @johnny

    that was Leo...not Sam. even the admin got it wrong on this blog.

  36. What made you think I didn't know that? I'm saying the novelization isn't detailed enough.
    That's all. I've been reading TF fiction since 88 so I think I have a handle on it. I was trying to create a followable continuity in the early ninetees dude.
    But thanks anyway. I'm glad you are informing cats though.


  37. Obviously a kiddie version of the movie so not everything is there, and alos based on an early script. But still very interesting and looks like it will be a kickass movie again. And the parts that are missing will just make it all that much better.
    Oh yeah, and it doesn't look like Soundwave will be coming to earth ... which, while disappointing, kinda makes sense. He's an information specialist ... why have him in the middle of battle when he is better served in space where he can provide needed data? Bay will probably also use Soundwave's ability to access electronics to explain his voice. He speaks through the devices he accesses.
    About the Prime history ... with Primus and all ... for those who think it's childish, it takes the story of the bible and just turns them from angels to robots.

  38. No Soundwave is such a huge disappointment. I am totally pissed for that.

  39. I cant see it! WHY?


  41. As You Command5/14/2009 2:20 PM

    I think that Soundwave will actually come to Earth. The biggest secret of this past year has been the Wave. I'm sure that Bay & Co. probably have a deal going where anyone involved CAN'T reveal Soundwave info. The man wants to have one surprise in store for us. I mean if it wasn't for fan outcry we may not have had him in this film. I think these people who feel the Wave will disappoint are sadly mistaken because there's a damn good reason why we haven't seen or heard him yet.

  42. HELL YEA, I WAS RIGHT!! I told you people... :D

  43. Oh my god they ruined Transformers LOL

    Seriously though the entire ending is lame. I dont mind the Prime resurection but if this does happen i will be very pissed that Jetfire was mainly only introduced to sacrifice himself to form the Jetfire/Prime combo.

    Does anyone else think that the Fallen is defeated with a similar idea to his Master the whole Matrix saves the day. I really hope that if Prime does survive this film he dies in the next otherwise it will be boring.

    According to the plot only Megatron and Starscream are said to be Escaping. I wonder whether all the other Decepticons are Dead :( I hope not as i really want Soundwave and Hightower to live.

    P.s. Like Transformers or Lego view my Blogs :)

  44. Just read on that there are a couple of playable characters in the game that I didn't know about. Breakaway is playable, and Aerialbot and a Protectobot. For the decepticons, Grindor (as they are calling him) is playable and a Seeker. I bet these playable characters appear in the movie.

  45. Okay i have found a few images and info you may like below. Includes the 2009 Matrix comparison with the original. Only on my blog :)

  46. Im sorry but im not liking the plot very mcuh so far ..theres just so little action then i expected and.. it seems as if the climax will suck and gosh i hope that this movie will be epic ...plleeeaaasse michael dont fuck this uü

  47. This movie will feature Soundwave period.
    Sort of like a Godfather/Consiliere figure, pulling strings & making sure the Decepticons have their shit together-in this one for a big Decepticon win, (yeah!!)

    So with the title OPTIMUS PRIME where exactly does Optimus fit into the 13 original PRIMES, also he does call Megatron "brother" at the end of their battle in TF1...Anyone can help ??

    Sangiovese wine..

  48. Scorpio your blog sucks. I'll stay right here

  49. "Scorpio your blog sucks. I'll stay right here


  50. a note, "The Sun" is the name of the star closest to us.
    not a category.

  51. oh great scorpio is here to fuck it up again... now with his stupid blog ...

  52. It sounds off the wall and sensational....


  53. To Anonymous 3rd comment of the post

    The allspark fragment did fall on the floor of his bedroom. He's wearing a red coat in that scene and walks through the hall at college wearing a green shirt so...your slightly incorrect. But I do agree about the Constructicons saving Megatron. We'll have to wait and see when it comes out.

  54. hmmm... thats it? i was expecting this to be more shocking. plus this just made megs and starscream look more cowardly then the first movie (in my opinion). meh i'll still watch it and love it! i wonder how the end will open up to a third movie... god i hope it'll be unicron as the enemy

  55. im sure some of this is legit, its a junior novelization, its not going to have EVERY single detail down to the T, and perhaps he original concept for saving megatron wa having ravage and the doctor save him? A lot of it sounds VERY possible to though, especially the jetfire giving himself up for prime, called taht once i saw the toy. The main thing i notied, no energon???

  56. Nice blog Scorp. I will be checking it.

  57. What about this like a opening scene eh?

    Such a good explication about Dinobots can be used at 3rd movie. (Just imagine) those primitive protorms arrive to eart, and what they got to scaning? A car? airplane? NO.. JUST A PRIMITIVES LIFE FORMS ON EARTH.

  58. One thing i dont understand ...if in the scene before the factory ..sam and co. get picked up by an unnamed helicopter how in hell are they in a car while in the factory??

  59. To Anonymous at 12:45

    Maybe Blackout attacks the car they're in like how Mikaela reached for Sam's hand as the car flew in the air in the trailer.

  60. If the info is correct, does the weird looking thing Sam holds in his hand in the trailer the matrix?

  61. All sounds like a bunch of crap. Through out all the trailers their was no reference to the Fallen. But the trailers did make it look like Megatron is still the big badie.

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